Friday, September 10, 2010

Buffalohair Earth Change Arpeggio

Buffalohair Earth Change Arpeggio

Earth Change Arpeggio

It should come as no surprise to an observant soul that change has already begun. There are many theories about the changes. For instance, many Russians believe Amerika, via *HARP, is responsible for the rash of fires that continue to ravage forests, crops and soon, their economy. Chinese scientists recognized solar flares as the seed of weather anomalies though their government rallied the stripping of western industries in the name of green. Granted, those nasty polluting industries simply moved to China or India where pollution has become an art form. Dare I mention the boon to the corporate bottom line for cheap labor? Slave labor is in vogue these days and coincidentally China has a thriving Gulag System, a proverbial chamber of horrors according to survivors. Funny how people forget that part.

Politically motivated alchemists continue to blame mankind, mostly the USA, for the total destruction of the environment with CO2 gas. Guess they blew off the sulfer dioxide threat. Scientists falsifying a hand full of key emotionally pivotal facts in the research of this highly charged issue tarnished the credibility of the scientific community for many years to come. These buttheads chose politics and deception over proven scientific methodology. Independent scientists proclaim to stand behind years of proven theorem and research in the earth sciences. Scientists who refused to sell their integrity lost funding and credibility for not promoting the global warming agenda. Careers came to an end for those who refused to be bullied. That is a national shame.

On the other side of the fence there are accusations of equal pall because of “private” funding from the petroleum industry and other groups. Special interests, not facts, have dominated both sides of the issue. In essence the truth became irrelevant as deception drew the lines of debate. Veiled in a quagmire of ambiguities the answers left more questions than they solved, further muddling the issue. Once politics entered the fray reality faded into obscurity as emotions took the helm. What a pain in the ass eh.

The indigenous populations and dogmas from around the world recognize this tumultuous era as a prophetic end of a cycle, world, era, etc. Inscribed deep within lore, stone and sacred scrolls are dire warnings to future generations of what the future would eventually behold. These works also offer their congregants tools for surviving these turbulent times, or at least the people who are paying attention. Granted there are differences between dogmas such as practices, traditions and belief systems but for the most part dogmas lead a person down a path of morality and ethics. In visions it was said the Creator sent messengers throughout the universe to teach right from wrong and good verses evil. A few whizz-bang clerics, priests, pastors etc should not gauge our impression of any belief system. How far beyond stupid is that? It’s not my job to judge anyone for how they pray or believe. But in a world where religion is used as a tool of war this is a futile ideology indeed. “Freedom of religion, as long as its mine” hmm.

There is no such thing as a holly war in all reality. The Cursaders were punks and that whole history sucks. The concept of anything holy about death and destruction in the name of G*D is completely ludicrous and contradictory to innumerable sacred texts and dogmas, including religions spawned by the children of Abraham, talk about a family feud, oy vey. The political hierarchy on both sides of the proverbial isle is heavily invested in lucrative war based industries as well as other dubiously collusive enterprises. I doubt moral resolution will ever come from these schmucks, just more death but with a healthy portfolio.

Unfortunately war no longer needs a moral impetus before we shell a nation into the Stone Age, only a financial one. Whoa be it to those who dare to live on land full of natural resources. With the help of morally bankrupt politicians farmers and villagers are extracted from their ancient homeland or simply murdered. This is modus operandi for corporations and third world leaders around the planet, something the World Trade Organization turns a deaf ear to. Toss in the de facto Muslim hate campaign and eventually we will come to hate ourselves for what we’ve become as a culture.

Mining companies across Asia, Africa and the Americas continue to murder their opposition in silence with their private armies in the noble quest for gold, uranium and riches. The mainstream Media mum to volumes of news feeds about this plight. And people wonder why peasants and villagers join fringe radical organizations. With governments evicting people so international corporations can strip the land of its natural resources the people have few options. There are some differences between corporate and ideological terrorists but the outcome is always the same in the eyes of the victims. Both sides will kill you if you stand in their way. Corporations have become the emissaries of human suffering around the world, not the bastions of wealth and opportunity as they purport. Monsanto has extorted farmers in third world countries into using their chemicals and seed on a grand scale while pushing their genetically modified organisms onto our food chain. Central America has become a petrochemical cesspool from years of abuse by oil companies. And let’s not forget our glow in the dark Native American communities and the toxic memory of the Cold War on tribal land. Out of sight and out of mind except for the people who have to live, eat and drink on toxic soil and cope with horrendous birth defects and this is in America. Good thing we are living in the time of change for this civilization is in dire need of a cultural enema.

Though the changes may seem horrific at first glance just remember it is only the crescendo of a very dark symphony and soon this era of greed and deception will draw to a close. It will not be just one event but a multitude of events that will span the globe and all levels of existence. Not a spot on or inside Earth will go untouched and its not going to be a fun ride either. So, as mankind haggles over stupid stuff, take a giant step backward, take a long hard look at the big picture and prepare yourself and your family. Don’t cut your nutz off and wait for a shooting star though. When you run out that door to escape a fire, flood or earthquake make sure to grab your survival backpack. That might be the only thing you have left when the day is done. We are in the final lap boys and girls so its time to pay attention and it really does not matter what country you reside.


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