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Buffalohair Retired Air Force Officers Revel UFO Encounters

Retired Air Force Officers Revel UFO Encounters

It should be of no surprise that credible retired military personnel have stepped forward with tales of their encounters by UFO’s in sworn testimony before the *National Press Club this week. I reposted their testimony on my VOD Pod site just in case people missed it since there was barely a peep out of the mainstream media. Hopefully they will not disappear like many other videos have in the past. Remember the UFO that zipped over Obama’s inauguration in D.C. CNN captured on video? That one disappeared without a word. But the long and the short of it all is the fact these highly educated and credible people have risked it all to divulge the existence of UFO’s. But for many of us, this is old news. I must admit learning that space ships shot beams that incapacitated rockets with nuclear war heads during test launches was news to me eh.

Now comes the slippery slope of deciphering if this is part of the governments plan to host a grand revelation of the existence of alien people or that there are good and truly benevolent beings here to intervene if and when we get stupid with all our nuclear toys. Now if you did your homework and have already figured out that there are both good and bad spirits then it goes without saying there are both good and bad space people. Within my tradition we’ve always known there are people from other worlds so this came as no surprise for us.

The discrediting and debasing aspect that comes with this type of revelation comes with the territory. Debunkers are already coming out of the woodwork and that is to be expected since in all probability our government is involved up to their eye lids with space dudes. In part that would explain the need to rush the world into a single planetary government or New World Order. With that said it has always been my contention the government was involved with some less then benevolent space folks who shared their skills of mass destruction and advanced technology. Obviously these boneheads from space have shown poor judgment by picking greedy earth guys. I bet they told their earth bound hosts they were G*D’s or some other crappola. And again I contend, my G*D does not need nor use electro magnetic gizmos to zip around in. Just remember telepathy and speaking with spirits are two different things so don’t freak out if these guys try to meddle in your thoughts.  The same holds true with spirits. Your dogma has provided you the tools for deal with space guys and spirits already so I’ll leave that part up to you.

It’s the ole good verses evil deal with space guys as well so don’t get your boxers in a knot if and when

the government concedes they are in cahoots with space dudes. The appropriate response to this revelation should be, “Did you boneheads verify if these alien guys you are partying with are good or evil?” Clearly the answer is a resounding NO since these buttheads from space sided with greed and corruption through the ages it would appear. Medieval kings and other royals must have gotten all ga ga when they hooked up with these guys. 14th century paintings show Jesus flying around in one of these Frisbees. The paintings also showed depictions of telepathy but only with the elite class of the day. The secret of many sects and secret organizations who’s origins date back to Medieval times lie in their connection with beings from other worlds. Funny part is the fact these organizations are the pride of the elite class around the world. And this has been going on for centuries.

I had an interesting conversation with a district judge about UFO’s and alien encounters, his response was; “not all of them come from space, some come from within the earth”. He was a lifelong member of one of those secretive organizations I might add. In any event it does not matter where they come from because what is most important of all is if they are good or bad. That is what people should focus on when the great revelation comes to pass. The fact any space guy needs a craft to zip around only shows their dependency on ‘stuff’ along with other frailties they undoubtedly share with their carbon based pals on earth, ego for one. Both good and bad space guys zip around in kewl shiny crafts so basically speaking, it is up to us as individuals to figure out who is truly benevolent or who is a sleaze ball since we have the gift of free will.

If you are still struggling with the reality of the spirit world you had better come to terms with this soon because the next challenge will be facing the reality of space guys. If a person made it over the hurdle and made the sacred connection within the spirit world, via their respective dogma of course, the space guy deal would be a piece of cake by comparison. Good is good and bad is bad so it does not matter if they are Pleiadians or schmucks from Union City New Jersey with a Louisville Slugger about to smack you in the cabeza. The key to verifying if any spirit is nice or naughty is written in all the dogmas of the universe. From what prophecy and visions have already told us, the time of change will also be a journey into the supernatural as the spirit world and other plains of existence interface with ours. You know some people will completely freak out when this is in full swing I’ll wager. Folks are already loosing touch with reality as we interface with other plains and it’s only the beginning.

Take it for what its worth but when all else fails and everyone is running around like chickens with their heads cut off in fear just revert to the teachings within your dogma, in earnest. It may save your life but undoubtedly will save your sanity when everything gets weird on earth and its going to get way weird. The key to surviving this era lies within the pages of all dogmas so it would be advised that you build your spiritual arsenal before it’s too late. I know, I know, I know, I always end my stories with a lecture on spiritual stuff but this is truly the secret to surviving the earth changes and the whole ball of wax including the space dude sideshow. Well I better don my aluminum skull cap, go outside and feed Bear the Wonder Dog. I just hate combing out stray neutrinos in the morning.


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