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Buffalohair, Chilean Miner: We Thanked G*D

Buffalohair, Chilean Miner: We Thanked G*D

Chilean Miner: We Thanked G*D

  The rescue of the 33 miners in Chili was nothing short of a miracle considering the circumstances.  They were not discovered for 17 days and if it were not for Chilean President Sebastian Pinera’s insistence not to give up the search the miners would have been left to starve to death a half mile underground. This 69 day ordeal was a classic example of how people could survive insurmountable odds. It is clear Luis Urzua, foreman and last miner out of the hole, was a hero for his structured stewardship. But there was something else that played a vital role in their survival, the spiritual connection within their dogma.

Though I’m not fully aware of the chronology within the mine it was made clear Luis had the respect of his fellow miners. With his guidance everyone was assigned ‘   purpose and direction’ if only to keep them sane. The eldest miner, Mario Gomez, was appointed spiritual leader or medicine man since it was obvious he had wisdom and respect as well. Establishing a routine of prayer, while building faith and hope was critical in controlling panic during this ordeal. I’ve always contended that the key to survival lay within all the dogmas of the universe and this was a classic example of this axiom.

The miners were hoping their ordeal would come to some significance and I am happy to say it did, if anyone was paying attention. The first 17 days will have been the hardest to endure since they were in total black out conditions with limited resources. The fact they were incommunicado added to the stress since they did not know if they would ever be discovered. If it were not for the fact they had faith all the provisions in the world would not have kept them from going insane with fear and panic before they were discovered. Hopelessness breeds suicide and other less than desirable mental disorders during adverse conditions and this story could have easily ended in death. Miner and spiritual leader Mario Gomez dropped to his knees while clutching the Chilean flag when he came out of the rescue capsule. He was offering thanks within his dogma and with good reason, he and his compatriots were alive and they beat insurmountable odds in the process. They experienced a miracle, there is no question.

With news of the epic rescue operation in Chile, Chinese citizens have begun to question their government for its lackluster performance in a vast majority of their mining disasters. Now the question is how many of their loved ones were left to die underground. The Chinese Communist Party has turned a deaf ear on its own people long ago and if they could get away with it, they would simply place a plague on all the mining sites rather than spend the money to save lives. People who’ve divulged to the media there was a mining accident are usually incarcerated since China has a policy of covering up their disasters or simply lying about them. Mining incidents are never reveled if they can get away with it and thousands of miners have died in the process. Many of the miners were slaves and expendable in the CCP’s eyes. Since it is a crime to practice any dogma or discipline under this pseudo-communist regime I doubt the miners would have been allowed to seek out spiritual assistance anyway. If they did they would most likely be arrested after their rescue. Fortunately the miners in Chile did not have to face this consequence. Their spiritual connection saved their lives and their sanity.

It really does not matter what your dogma is since all religions celebrate the Creator together on the other side. There is only one race, the human race for tint is irrelevant in all reality. The key to surviving earth changes is really quite simple if you were to pay attention to what was written or said within your dogma. The miners in Chile were faced with one of the most difficult situations imaginable and they survived. It should be noted that they all thanked G*D upon their return to the surface world. They believed they would survive and placed absolute faith in their tradition and dogma. I would love to interview Mario Gomez. I know in my heart he had contact with good spirits.

This mining disaster was a microcosm of what mankind will soon face during the more virulent times we face as a civilization. It was said in many visions that no place on the planet would be spared from the cleansing wrath of Mother Earth, nowhere. It is a sure bet these miners stand an excellent chance of surviving the time of change since they witnessed first hand the medicine of their dogma. By no means am I selling short the valiant efforts of the international team of experts that converged on the San Jose’ Mountains of Chile. They are heroes in their own right since they achieved the impossible. One person stated that this was a “text book rescue”. The only thing they failed to mention was the fact the pages were being written as the rescue operation progressed.

According to inside sources no one knew if this was going to work but they managed to pull it off without a hitch, well except in the case of rescued miner Yonni Barrios. His wife declined to celebrate her philandering husbands return from the dead and sent his mistress instead, ouch. She was none to pleased with the revelation her hubby had a ‘spare spouse’. Oh well, he had to clean up his act after getting a new lease on life anyway eh.

In any event this rescue was an engineering marvel under extreme conditions with 33 lives hanging in the balance. It enjoined some of the greatest minds in the mining industry in this multi-national emergency rescue effort. For Chilean President Sebastian Pinera this may very well be his finest hour because it was his decision not to give up hope. Though everyone will pat each other on the back for this successful mission and deservedly so, spirituality and the intangible aspects of absolute faith also played a major role in the final outcome. Let this mining catastrophe be a lesson in survival on both the physical AND spiritual plain. Your life may very well depend on it in the future.

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