Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Buffalohair, Coyotes Call for Help!

Buffalohair, Coyotes Call for Help!

Coyotes Call for Help!

With man ever encroaching in the natural habitat of all animals its no surprise that so called civilized people have taken the next step in eradicating any living thing that crosses it path. Tribally speaking, the coyote has always been our brother since no matter how hard settlers tried to exterminate us,we still returned just like the coyote. Therefore I am forwarding this request so the world will be aware of this genocidal act against nature.


Attn, ALL Native/Indigenous Nations, Coyote Clans, animal lovers, coyote spirit 2 legged and those who honor all living creatures that ALL have a right to share our “Earth Mother”. Tomorrow the City Council of Arcadia, California will be voting to authorize the killing of all coyotes in the hills of Arcadia. They will be allocating thousands of dollars to achieve this end to the Coyote nation. Who was here first? It doesn’t matter to the 2 legged who wield their power to reduce, diminish and exterminate the natural inhabitants of these sacred hills.

Sound familiar? So the call goes out, I have received an urgent request for representation from our nations on behalf of our 4 legged brothers & sisters we call “Coyote”. In the Creators name of all that is “sacred” Join us, native family & “spiritual leaders” speak to end this doing and slaughter of the Coyote nation.

When: Tues, Oct. 19th, 2010
Where: 250 W. Huntington Drive, Arcadia, Ca.
Time: 6pm

The press will be covering this so we need the “spiritual leaders” of our community to attend and give “word” to the “heart” of this council that of all who are placed here by the Creator have a right to live, free from decimation, as we, native people’s, who have also suffered at the hands of those who call themselves “the elected officials in charge of governing”. For the PEACE & BALANCE of our community we must peacefully in our natural “Harmonic expression of oneness” tell the story for the coyote nation.

I can also be reached at (626) 482-9277.

Tlazacomtli malik (nauhlt), Pilamaya (Lakota) “Great Heartfelt Thanks”

Daniel Cuatli Yalt (Eagle Warrior), Dine/Apache/Mayan

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