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Buffalohair, The Last Breath of American Sovereignty

Buffalohair, The Last Breath of American SovereigntyNov 4, '10 5:03 PM
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The Last Breath of American Sovereignty

El Chapo Guzman for President
With the Fed announcing another bail-out with a price tag of over a half trillions dollars it should be apparent that either someone is very stupid or this is a calculated intentional act. I wager it is an intentional act to further cripple the US economy in order to usher in the fabled New World Order. Disaster Capitalism at its best since Bilderberg Lackeys around the world played a shrewd game of chess while the public at large played checkers. David Cameron, Nicolas Sarkozy, and a host of other world leaders are knee deep in Bilderberg Cartel corruption and are in the process of crippling their nations economies in order to usher in austerity measures to ‘save’ their economies. The European Union is a farce and a tool of the New World Order and the Globalization process.

The world at large has focused on the criminality of a few Mexican Cartels while the real criminals have hijacked nations plunging their respective nations into financial turmoil. We looked in horror as austerity measures were imposed on Greece from a non elected body of billionaires cloaked in the International Monetary Fund, a scurrilous group of thugs spawned by the Bilderberg Cartel. Look who their front man is, the notoriously criminal Bill Clinton the man who singlehandedly gave vested American economical might to China. We seem to forget how the Clintons stole silverware and other items when they left the White House which told volumes about their true nature. The list of deaths associated with the Clintons is also very telling indeed, 47 so far. But he was not alone for there were presidents on both sides of the bogus political isle who laid down the groundwork for this disaster and they were Bilderberg lackeys, including George W. Bush and his cousin Barack Obama.

By far the Bilderberg Cartel has more blood on their hands than all the cartels of Mexico, Sicily, Russia and Asia combined since they have influenced wars around the globe killing millions of people while draining the coffers of the free world. The Sinaloa Cartel of Mexican is actually more honest then the leadership of the free world. They are outlaws and mince no words about it. World leaders claim to be working for the people of their respective nations but they are lying. In all actuality they are destroying national sovereignty and leading their nations down the path of financial ruin so they can impose austerity measures and ultimately hand over control of their nations to a non elected entity of greedy corporate thugs within the Bilderberg Cartel. Europe is the first battle ground for the New World Order for austerity is a tool used for global control by an elite class of thugs. Once Europe is inline with the New World Order America is next and it will be enforced by a new global army.

Ironically it was one of the forefathers of the current Bilderberg Cartel, John D. Rockefeller, who had Pancho Villa assassinated and the Rockefellers have been meddling in Mexican politics ever since. Mexico’s PRI has always been and continues to be a puppet regime controlled by Bilderberg lackeys in Europe. The media claims the PRI retained stability within Mexico since 1930 but nothing could be further from the truth. The elite class with direct blood lines from Spain and other European ports of call continues to rule with an iron fist keeping the indigenous populations in a state of poverty. All the wealth from Mexico’s abundant of natural resources lines the pockets of European aristocrats leaving Mexicans penniless. Assassinations of every type have kept this nation in a constant state of siege, to the joy of the Bilderberg Cartel. They have murdered millions of people during their bloody reign. They reinstated what the Mexican Revolution tried to eliminate, ruling class greed, and the people have suffered as a direct consequence. Mexico would be better off with Chapo Guzman, boss of the Sinaloa Cartel, as their leader because the PRI has murdered way more innocent people. The cartel only murdered players and fellow thugs for the most part though there have been some collateral deaths in the process but nowhere near the innocent lives taken by the PRI. The Rockefellers, Kennedys and the scurrilous lot of social elitists were crime families in the very beginning and their hands are covered in blood.

Russia faces this new plague called globalization since it is obvious to many Russian people that Dmitry Medvedev is playing ball with the Bilderberg Cartel even though he claims not to have heard of them, oy vey. Ole Dmitry has already boasted about becoming part of the New World Order in the Russian press raising eye brows throughout the Russian Communist Party. Now the Russian military is a part of NATO and the one world military. France and England have combined their forces without the say of the people from their respective nations under the stewardship of Bilderberg lackeys David Cameron and Nicolas Sarkozy. That will soon harvest a bitter crop for the people of France and England, there is no question. The Bilderberg lackeys list also includes media moguls so I doubt there will be much said in the Euro press. But the real show will be within Russia when the people rise up against what is already being perceived as treasonous activity within the Kremlin. My Russian constituents say;

“Russians are not blind and we see what is going on with this traitor and we pray Vladimir Putin is not one of them”

China’s Communist Party is in a state of upheaval because of the corporate corruption within its own ranks. China is on the verge of revolution so they need a war and a common enemy to rally their people. Mao is turning over in his grave because of what China has become, a Bilderberg Lackey via the World Trade Organization of which they are a member. Masthead of the WTO, Pascal Lamy, is a Bilderberg Lackey from way back. Fact is the WTO is another front organization of the Bilderberg Cartel. In any event China’s upheaval will also be a show to watch provided they don’t start a smoke screen war first. India is already in a state of turmoil and it woun’t be long before they are in fullfledged internal revolt no matter how many US jobs Obama gives them on his 2 billion dollar vacation. As for the USA, people will continue to hope for the better and relegate news of such kind as blarney and conspiracy hype from a few fringe groups. They will know more about what Paris Hilton is wearing rather than what is happening within their own government. Their ears will be filled with headphones filling their brains with foolishness while their country dissolves into nothingness. When they finally wake up to the stark reality there will be laws in place to stop the new American terrorist who actually are patriots, in fact there already is. But who cares anyway, just so the stock market is in the black even though it does nothing for the average person. Like ole Benjamin Franklin once said;

“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety”

And soon Americans will have neither.

As for my people, we have already been placed in colonies called reservations. We have already been Bilderberged. Our indigenous cultures lay in ruins from the onslaught of corporate thugs who lied, raped and murdered our peoples throughout the America’s in the name of Manifest Destiny. It is also ironic that the lying scum corporatists of the 19th century are the forefathers of the Bilderberg vermin who continue the rape the planet today. Guess some habits are hard to break. Globalization is the new catch word but Manifest Destiny is what it really means. John L. O’Sullivan, a Democrat, coined this phrase;

“And that claim is by the right of our manifest destiny to overspread and to possess the whole of the continent which Providence has given us for the development of the great experiment of liberty and federated self-government entrusted to us”

The only change to this phrase should be in the word ‘continent’ for it should be replaced with the world ‘planet’.

So now American is being intentionally bankrupt while banks and other corporate interests amass billions of dollars in enormous profits. The fed has bought up $600 billion in debt in an effort to spur growth, paleeze. If you believe that one then you deserve what will happen next. Money is like hot air for it only rises and giving cash to banks will never help the people at street level. We already dumped billions into the banking system and it only gleaned profits and bonuses for people who should have been in jail including Barney “The Kitsch” Frank and Chris “Sticky Fingers” Dodd. This act of treason is already gleaning the desired effect since the US dollar is being devalued at an alarming rate. The notion of spending ones way out of debt is preposterous and way beyond stupid as best from a sensible economic point of view therefore it is a calculated intentional act. Whence the US is finally broke our leadership will be ‘forced’ to borrow from the IMF and ultimately loose our sovereignty as non-elected vermin dictates to a once proud nation how they will have to run their affairs. Maybe America will have a 7 day work week and a ‘common wage’. Frenchmen balked at rising the retirement age to 62 years of age. American’s did not even blink an eye at rising the retirement age to 70.

The stock market? Forget about because it’s on an artificial plateau and it will eventually drop out of sight as the unscrupulous leadership from both sides of the isle cash in their chips. On a good note we are living in a time of great change since this rush for the cash was predicted many years ago in prophecy. The rush for cash is only a sign not the climatic end like so many corporatists believe. The Earth Changes will take precedents over all material consequences and the greedy will be left to fend for themselves just like the rest of us schlocks since money and material wealth will become worthless. Technology will also take a major hit and the list goes on and on. But if you are up to speed within your respective dogma you will already know this and you will also know how to survive the tumultuous future. So I will not waste your time. For those of you that don’t have a clue just consider the times that lay ahead as nature’s way of foreclosing on mankind for there will not be a bail-out for any of us.

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