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Buffalohair, Worldwide Participation to Say NO to Burmas Sham Election

Buffalohair, Worldwide Participation to Say NO to Burmas Sham Election

Worldwide Participation to Say NO to Burma’s Sham Election

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I am forwarding this appeal to the world from Aung Myo Win, Member of Burma Campaign and a Burmese Patriot to halt the bogus election scam being perpetrated by criminal dictator Gen. Than Shwe of Burma. The election is a fraud and a bold faced lie based on a bogus document that was also forced on the belieguresd people of Burma in 2008, The New Constitution.  As of this writing Than Shwe is excluding various ethnic groups, threatening the people at gun point and murdering those who would vote against the thugs he has in place to ‘take over control’ of Burma. Just remember that Than Shwe ‘retired’ a host of his key generals so they could form political parties and sham candidates in this scam to make Burma look legitimate.
Daw Aung San Suu Kyi is the true leader of Burma, no one else!

Please take this pledge to call at least 5 friends in Burma not to vote.

2010 Elections in Burma are fully rehearsed to legitimise military rule in Burma. The 2008 constitution said it does not guarantee the protection of the rights of Ethnic Peoples, nor Human Rights, nor democratic principles, and so it will not aid the construction of a peaceful democratic nation. The election laws are unfair and unjust.
It is important to tell people of Burma not to go out to vote. The electorate of Burma have the right NOT to vote in the election.
“People have the right to vote as well as the right not to vote.” “Coercing people to vote by force is against the law.” “If people do not want to vote because they cannot see the NLD on the ballot paper and so are not able to vote for this party, then they should not vote.” Q+A Who should I call? At least 5 of anyone you know in Burma.
What if I don’t have any friends in Burma?
Call someone random you can find from following listing websites.
NOTE: Please be aware of the time difference. If you are calling from aboard, November 7th in Burma will be November 6th in the East, such as USA, UK, Canada, etc.
LEARN more on Burma’s Elections HRW’s comprehensive Q&A on Elections in Burma:

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