Friday, January 9, 2009

Buffalohair: Defense Contract Lobbyist Named Deputy Defense Secretary

Defense Contract Lobbyist Named Deputy Defense Secretary


How far beyond stupid are we? Obama, the toast of the town and so called Washington reformer selected yet another lackey from a failed administration to oversee the *Defense Department. William Lynn, Senior Vice President of Raytheon and War Industry Lobbyist will assist George W. Bush lackey and former Dean of the George Bush School of Government and Public Service Robert M. Gates in overseeing our Department of Defense. And you are asleep at the wheel.

In yet another blow to his supporters O”bummer has chosen court all that was bad in former administrations. This is a critically dangerous selection since we don’t need self serving cabinet members in government. Remember Dick Cheney, CEO of Halliburton and Vice President of the United States of America? Surely you remember the Iraq War and the liars who pushed us into a war with bogus intelligence data. And surely you remember how this war singlehandedly made Halliburton filthy rich? Or did you write it off as a coincidence, again?

It’s laughable how short the collective memories are in this nation. Absolute corruption and corporate interests has become the mainstay in our government. If only American would just wake up and smell the coffee then maybe we would actually reform and return to democracy. Corporate Fascism has taken the helm of not only US politics but most of the free world and no one is paying attention. We seem to forget O’Bummers pandering to the criminally unconstitutional 700 billion dollar Bail-Out. What happen to the checks and balances he promised us when he was catering to the banking industry eh? Or did you forget that already.

Maybe the trillion dollar South Side hassle will remind you since O’Bummer is rushing us into another shady Bail-Out. Why all the hurry, we should have paid attention the first time. Now banks simply lost track of the 350 billion they ran off with. Torture, Spying on American’s and a multitude of crimes against the Constitution of the United States is yet another pre-requisite to gain favor within the O’Bummer Administration. The selling of US jobs via NAFTA is on his agenda as well as union breaking, like it or not. The **Billary’s are planning to expand the powers of the Secretary of State and clearly violating our Constitution, again. It is clear as the nose on your face O”Bummer is a bold faced liar and working the crowd with “feel good” speeches that actually say nothing other than his global objectives. Globalization should be the red flag for all American’s since its main objective is to lower wages down America to match the third world countries.

With 11.1 million Americans out of work do to globalization surely you’d think this would raise an eye brow or two. Maybe when it reaches 25% we will wake up as a nation. If not we will be working for $3 an hour as engineers and $3 a day for laborers. At least we will have jobs and the corporate bottom line will flourish. Industry’s like Alcoa cut US jobs while investing in China. Do you blame them? After all they don’t have environmental standards and their economy is slave labor based. Thanks to the Billary’s China also own 25% of our Treasury Notes.

“Urgent” is yet another red flag word our politicians use to force our hand in these Bail-Out scams. O’Bummer is reusing his old Bail-Out speech in yet another scare tactic to snow ball the population, again. I still wonder why mortgage lenders doubled foreclosures rather than slowed them down whence they got the corporate bail out money, don’t you? Well it is obvious O’Bummer is preparing to wage war in Iran. He is already saber rattling and alluding to Weapons of Mass Destruction in the Mid-East. It’s just another Clinton’esk ploy to distract the population from criminal wrong doing by our leadership. Obama only rejuvenated the den of thieves and their quest for world wide financial domination. Remember Bill’s cover up attempt to mask his wandering hormones by bombing a Sudanese aspirin factory? Dare I mention his “Black Hawk/Somalia” disaster? Oy Vey!

“Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety”

Ben Franklin



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