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Buffalohair The Plight of the Western Shoshone

The Plight of the Western Shoshone


As Barrick Gold of Canada rips into sacred Mount Tenabo on Nevada’s Shoshone sovereign land, it is not hard to see why we’ve been cursed or plunged into this financial nightmare. Call me old fashion but it’s the age old “what comes around goes around” axiom that is coming to pass. With total disregard for treaties, boundaries and concern for the environment the quest for the funny yellow metal that makes the white man crazy has gone into high gear. Of course the concerns for the Indigenous population was not a consideration or a factor in the decision making process. Treaties? Forget about it!

Barrick Gold has a long track record in Africa for buying leaders of third world countries to steal land from the population to make open pit environmental disasters filled with toxic slug. They’ve destroyed water tables; farmland and their private armies murdered scores of innocent villagers who struggled to save their way of life. With Bill Clinton and George HW Bush as their ally and lucrative business associates Barrick has become unstoppable in their quest for gold around the world. Bush and Clinton groomed national and international policies strictly for corporate interests at the expense of indigenous populations.

Little was said by the mainstream media about the utter shock and dismay the good people of many African nations felt as the “White Devil” Hillary Clinton was made Secretary of State. Though the African population looked to Obama for hope and salvation, the appointment of this jackal spelled the death nil of their cultures, let along the ire of his party. The stripping of Africans natural resources and total disregard for the citizenry of this beleaguered continent has gotten a green light while death and land grabs will continue. Up against the wall with nowhere else to go it’s a small wonder revolution are widespread. Call it the Clinton/Bush Death March since the voiceless majority is not being heard, sounds familiar. Of course China is up to its elbows with human blood in Africa. After all, their lackey Bill Clinton and his bride Hillary are back in the saddle thanks to Obama. For all intents and purposes Africans feel betrayed. Read a news feed or two and learn the hard facts. Clinton’s so called non profit efforts are only a smoke screen, just read his list of donors. It reads more like a “who is who in world tyranny”.

Like a fox watching the hen house, Hillary Clinton takes oath of office for Secratary of State. What are you thinking Obama?

Like a fox watching the hen house, Hillary Clinton takes oath of office for Secratary of State. What are you thinking Obama?

South America is also plunged in the Clinton/Bush Death March as Barrick Gold, disguised as Pacific Rim Mining Corporation or Pacific Rim Cayman LLC., destroys farmland, and the way of life of Indigenous people as well. This was a most enlightening endeavor for it also exposed tenets of the North American Free Trade Agreement as well as Central American Free Trade Agreement that allow foreign countries to sue a nation so they can strip the land of natural resources. These so called business agreements side stepped the will of the people of any nation who subscribed to them. The US is one of these nations who subscribe to both of these criminal agreements. Sadly we drafted them both with help from of the Clinton’s and Bush’s for this was their baby, lock stock and tomahawk. Ironically Barack Obama has followed suit regardless of some opposition he showed earlier or should I say, before he was elected as President of the United States of America. It’s of no surprise America is hated like no other country in the world and it’s by people who used to love and admire us. And we-the-people had nothing to do with this abhorrent criminally unconstitutional conspiracy.

Mexico had to shell out $15.6 million in damages toCalifornia based Metalclad Corporation for it’s refusal to give permission for this company to build a toxic waste dump in the middle of an ecological reserve. Barrick Gold aka Pacific Rim plans to sueEl Salvador for untold millions if they don’t get their way and build toxic sludge ponds. They will be filled with thousands of tons of cyanide and other deadly chemicals. With no concern for the long term effects on the environment it is clear water tables and rich farmland will be destroyed. The means by which these Indigenous people live and survive will be taken away from them. Likened to slaves farmers will be forced to work in these mines or starve. With no labor, health or environmental concerns the Clinton/Bush Death March will advance unencumbered as profits fill their coffers.China, their bedfellow, enjoys millions of slaves with the blessing of the World Trade Organization. This is the raw facts of Globalization and the One World Order. Now how far beyond stupid have we become? Or is in OK since it’s “down there” and not on US soil? Remember the Western Shoshone Nation of Nevada? As I recall, Nevada is still a part of the contiguousUnited States. The Clinton/Bush Death March continues.

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