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Buffalohair: Outside of the Loop

Outside of the Loop

Dead Sea Scrolls

Dead Sea Scrolls

Like so many American’s I’m outside of the loop and don’t have to worry about qualifying for anything since my investments are finito la musica, na da, kaput. Sadly for many of my viewers they have also lost jobs and homes. I don’t see a bail-out for them in the near future fore they are the forgotten Americans all political parties have not addressed. Some of my viewers are relegated to using the public computers in the library when they can. At least they have access even though it’s for a few minutes. I’m also humbled they keep in touch with this Krusty journalist in spite of the misery and sorrow in their lives and I salute every one of them. I also offer my prayers for each and every one of these human beings.

Their ranks consist of Iraq War veterans, medical professionals, truck drivers, business owners, single mom’s and dad from all quarters of the United States and Canada. They have no race in my eyes nor do I recognize their nationality or political persuasion. They are simply human beings caught up in an era of corruption and greed and have already lost it all. Particularly sad was the fact many of these people had homes and jobs whence the issue of the first bail-out came into focus. They whole heartedly believed the promises and veiled threats of doom if the original bail-out did not come to pass.

Desperately they held on to hope as all our political icons fostered hope for those who were holding on by a thread. Ironically they discovered that even with the TARP or bail-out money foreclosures increased two fold rather than give them breathing space. Fact is, lending houses have increased with venom their pursuit of homes from suffering Americans. People who’ve paid their mortgages for years and only had 10 or 20 thousands dollars left on their home loans lost 2 to 3 hundred thousand dollars of investment because they were delinquent by only a few months. Imagine paying over 300,000 dollars into a home with only 8,000 left owed only to loose it all.

Unscrupulous and unforgiving mortgage lenders begged for hundreds of billions of dollars from the taxpayer because of the current economic slump. Then they turned around and raped the public that gave them this TARP money and foreclosed on homes with greater zeal than ever before. To top it all off these lenders and banks filled the coffers of their top investors, buy out other banks and even buy up crude oil in an effort to drive up fuel prices such as the case of Morgan Stanley. Imagine, this bail-out was nothing more than free money to make capital investments and pad the pockets of their constituents. And now we learn banks and lenders will get 3 to 4 trillion bucks with no guarantees, promises or hopes for the public they are foreclosing on. $4.000,000,000,000 will be given away to lenders who will not give Americans a break, lenders who have accelerated their foreclosures and placed American families out on the streets to fend for themselves.

If only people would read history they would learn Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal was a dismal failure and not the great hope it is currently billed as. History dictates the depression worsened in spite of industries cash cow. And now we are poised to give more bad money after bad. According to my elders people loved FDR regardless of his failures and his money give-a-ways. People were desperate for a champion because there was little hope at all. The rich were richer and there was a deep division of classes that is not mentioned these days. The opulent who were on the takers side of the Depression and the vast population of extremely poor people. The country was forced to live on pennies or pocket change for wages while the rich lived in the lap of luxury. Back then an absolute minority cashed in their chips, absorbed federal dollars and acted like kings and queens while American stood in line at soup kitchens.

You must remember, money just does not disappear whence a recession or depression takes hold of a nation. The wealth of a nation goes into the pockets of an absolute minority whose only concern is their own bottom line. The rapeing of a nation has already begun and the culprits are getting trillions of dollars to pad their pockets so they can live in opulence while the rest of the nation loses everything they own. How much money do these people need? Why is it so important for them to force America to her knees? Why is the solution to our economic plight going to be a global one? Corporatists such as the World Trade Organization promote globalization making protectionism the pariah of the 21st Century. We are not asking the right questions. We should be finding out exactly who is cashing in on this recession and where our trillions of dollars are going with no double talk or legalese.

There is a silver lining to all this. Granted it’s not a material solution to the plight of humanity. Fact is, it will be quite a turbulent period time as far as climate and Earth Changes are concerned. Though the cure to humanities disease will be a stark one it is guaranteed opulence and material wealth will be meaningless. The petty and the greedy will be on equal ground with the people they ravaged and subjugated. The dynamics of which will be like nothing man has experienced since the last cleansing of the planet. Like it or not, Earth Changes are very real and one day soon Mother Earth will enter into the next phase of cleansing. There are no underground shelters that will save the select few nor is there a price one can pay to avoid this catastrophic cleanings process. Like the ole saying goes, “You can run but you can’t hide”

So let them take their material wealth, let them keep their empires made from the blood of nations fore it will soon be meaningless. In a dream or vision I had I saw people deep in the earth weathering the changes on the surface of the Earth. Their shelter was filled with food and water but this place of safety became their tomb and the Earth swallowed them. Others had armed fortresses filled with sustenance only to discover they had to evacuate because the waters covered their fortified position. In my dreams it was said no place on Earth would be spared the cleansing and there is no class that will be above the hardships that await mankind. It was also said people from throughout the universe would stand in awe of the power of Mother Earth, helpless and equally in peril.

For some it would be the end of the world, for others it would be the end of an era. The key to survival is written or discussed by a camp fire from all cultures of the universe fore it is no secret, it was never meant to be. Regardless of your dogma faith is the key to survival. Recognizing the difference between good and bad messengers will also play into it. And messengers will come in all forms not just from the mouth of man. Whether it’s an owl or the neighbor down the street named Murray messengers will abound us all. Sadly modern man has no concept about the supernatural or paranormal and this will be the death nil of people. Knowing which spirits are cool and which spirits are bogus is the key.

Buy into this or not, does not make a difference to me. All I’m doing is keeping a promise I made when I had a near death experience. Don’t place me in some Guru or Spiritual Leader category fore there are many other messengers with the same words of caution. Everyone is a Medicine Man these days and I’m not one of them. I’m just a Krusty journalist and one of many messengers. They come from all walks of life and religions. Fact is, when I had my near death experience I did not want to come back. I really did not want this job and I told them so. Far fetched you say? Believe me homeboy/girl you ain’t seen nothing yet. If I told you everything I learned when I was there you’d freak out or fill me with Zoloft. I must admit my NDE did completely change my life. I would not have guessed in a zillion years I would be here talking to all you boneheads about Earth Changes either. Funny thing about it was the fact my people already knew my journey and knew my visions. What ever eh.

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