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Buffalohair: The Great Lie and Destiny

The Great Lie and Destiny

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As Barack Obama and henchman Rahm Emanuel makes another pitch for the tax payer dollar by convincing us all is well American’s continue to lose jobs and homes. Clearly the people to have benefitted from these bail-outs and give-a-ways were members of the House of Representatives and Congress. Both sides of the isle were enriched and their retirement accounts secured regardless of the rhetoric the Dems and Reps spewed to the public. With the main stream media owned part and parcel by the very corporations pining for a One World Order we got a sugar frosted “crap sandwich” generations in the future will be paying off. Democracy has already past into history since the voice of the people has been placed on ignore as the Constitution becomes nothing more than a piece of paper.

The one thing both the Democratic and Republican parties have done was systematically divide the people then conquer a nation from within. The reality of how deeply invested our so called politicians were in all these criminally negligent corporations should have been a red flag. In a civil society politicians would have recused themselves from voting or participating in the debates involving the bail-outs and other corporate scams. It would have been the honorable thing to do since they had personal vested interests and stood to gain substantial monetary gain. On the contrary we were convinced that these bail-outs would help mom and pop and the American public by their constant Chicken Little banter and shock doctrine.

Likened to George Orwell’s novels, 1984 and Animal Farm our political arena has become the greatest con game in world history comparable to Adolf Hitler’s rise to power. Though it is said we are moving towards socialism we must be reminded this is not the case. We are moving towards international corporatism. To quote Benito Mussolini; “Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power” Another term directly associated with this rush for gold is Globalization or the One World Order. These axioms are not to benefit the general public but designed to reap a handsome profit for a hand full of people. It’s all about the corporate bottom line.

We the people are no longer citizens of our respective nations; we are simply consumers with no voice and resemble cattle to be fattened up for slaughter. Like chickens in a coup we rush from one sweet talking farmer to another seeking crumbs they toss to us. And like the chickens, we fight with one another over the scraps in a desperate need to survive. This is disaster capitalism at its best since now we are desperately in dire need of sustenance and will deal with the devil himself just to stay afloat. By crippling the economy beyond the point of no return our politicians paved the way for a global solution that will “save” America and the free world from financial doom. In the process liberty and the core essence of democracy will disappear into the annals of history. The world population will be relegated to indentured servitude, lock stock and tomahawk.

Ah but this scenario was predicted thousands of years ago if we bother to pay attention to prophecies from the myriad of dogma’s from around the world. While corporatists greedily anticipate the time we become a one world order, officially, nature and destiny have other plans that will surely put a monkey wrench in their plan. Within all these prophecies it is said that nature will have the final say. Money and material wealth will have no value and humanity will be humbled. It was also said in essence that for those who follow the Pier Piper of false hopes and dreams would parish and the meek shall inherit the Earth. I’ve seen this in my visions since I was a child. I’m not privy to these visions since I believe all people have the ability to see them if they tried. For the most part mankind chooses to live in the here and now, tossing anything within the supernatural in the proverbial dumpster of superstition. This will be the greatest error in human history and will guarantee their untimely demise. This was prophesized as well for many people will not buy into the ancient warnings or the teachings of crusty old Wiseman.

Oh well, to bad so sad and now mankind is grasping at straws while bogus politician’s guild humanity into the one world order. On the bright side this is not the final outcome but a segway for the real main event. You can run but you can’t hide for destiny is just around the corner. In my eyes civilization has come full circle since economics has become the order of the day. Humanity has been tossed aside for profits and the corporate bottom line. Mankind has become no better than the Neanderthal who’s only concern was what they could take from others in feudal wars over a berry patch or hunting grounds. Civilization has ceased to exist since there is nothing civil about our society. It’s all about the money Paisan, It’s all about the money.

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