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Buffalohair: H1N1 Flu Resembles 1918 Flu

H1N1 Flu Resembles 1918 Flu

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Yoshihiro Kawaoka of the University of Wisconsin and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention lead a team of researchers in studying the *h1n1 flu and made a startling discovery. The h1n1 Swine Flu resembles the infamous 1918 Flu that killed approximately 100 million people. Unlike the common flu strains that settle in the nose and throat this virus attaches itself deep within the lungs causing pneumonia. Now the **World Health Organization calls this strain unstoppable.

Interestingly enough 9 out of 10 obese people who were hospitalized for the h1n1 flu appear to be more susceptible to this strain. It was noted they suffered gastrointestinal complications, blood clots in the lungs and multiple organ failure. Since this virus is in a constant state of flux people will have the opportunity to re-catch this strain as it morphs its way into history.

Unlike the 1918 pandemic this new strain has the all the conveniences of the 21st century to assist it in its travel around the globe. What once took disease months to travel only takes a few hours now. According to WHO’s Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on Immunization (SAGE) it is imperative that healthcare workers are immunized first in order to maintain a functional healthcare system as this disease evolves further. It was also noted that each country would have to decide who is next in line for vaccinations because of the unusual behavior of this disease. Experts also suggested that drug manufacturers get moving on several drugs that may offer some assistance such as Tamiflu and Relenza, just to name a few.

As we rush around worrying about the world economy a microscopic bug may throw a monkey wrench into the works. Well, after all we are living in the time of change according to my people. And true to form man and his incredible ego will not have the power to alter the course of destiny. But I bet someone will try to profiteer from this disaster in the making. There is no bail-out for a pandemic and there is no legislation or campaign rhetoric that will make this flu go away with nice words. We simply need to stop spreading this disease physically and that’s the bottom line. Maybe if we took the first infection more seriously it would not have morphed like it did. Ah but hind sight is 20/20.



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