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Buffalohair: Oh Bummer

Oh Bummer

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Anticipating clarity and substance I gathered with elders to listen to Barack Obama’s pitch for National Healthcare. Quietly I sat as Obama made his much hyped oratory to the American people when an elderly gentleman said; “When is he going to become president?” The room filled with octogenarians burst into laughter. The dialogue then turned from healthcare to a field of jabs and criticisms about the president and his constant use of double talk and fear to move his agenda. Then another senior citizen said flatly; “He’s just another liar”

Being the youngster in the group I sat quietly as this group of seniors outlined a few key points in this much touted speech. What they said was quite remarkable since this group of people were staunch supporters of Obama, in the beginning. Their main concern was wondering what Obama’s ulterior motivation was for nationalized healthcare in the first place. They found it off point for the president to blame George W. Bush for the economy and were surprised a president would call a police department stupid. Then the issue of rushing this healthcare program came into focus. “What’s the rush to pass this bill when it’s not going to take effect for 5 years? We’ll be dead by then”

The general consensus was that Obama said a whole lot about nothing and talked in circles. They pointed out the fact Obama has been campaigning ever since he took office and appointed people that we did not elect to do his job. They listed volumes of broken promises, false hope and miles of campaign rhetoric that the media and the general public have forgotten. The issue of healthcare was overshadowed by Obama’s love of the limelight and the notion he was only a mouth piece for the corporations that financed the election.

A veteran from WWII was not amused by Obama one bit and noted that he lost many friends fighting for democracy in the war. He was not happy that Obama was ignoring the Constitution like George W. Bush did and wished he never voted or campaigned for him. What I got from these elderly American’s about Obama’s speech was not opinions about healthcare but his presidency as a whole. They feel duped and hornswaggled, in their words.

As for myself I am on the fence on the issue since I’ve seen insurance companies disallow services causing death to patients. I was forced to walk around for months with a broken neck and back before I was allowed care and I was paying a premium price for my healthcare insurance. My sister died waiting for care and my mom lost her right eye from bogus healthcare. If it were not for the Teamsters Union I would be paralyzed or dead by now. And since I lived in Canada I witnessed first hand doctors making house calls with medication in hand after only one phone call to make a request for care.

It is my personal opinion that healthcare, education and the department of corrections should never have been placed in the public sector for profit in the first place. This was the real reason why healthcare costs skyrocketed as well as the cost of education. Privatized prisons only gave way to lobbyists who demanded long prison terms for relatively minor offences. In turn this caused a boom in prison populations to house American’s for nothing more than smoking a joint. Now that California and other states can no longer foot the bill they are releasing these needlessly jailed prisoners. In the richest country in the world you’d think we the people had a few entitlements such as quality of life and education anyway. But it was the greed factor that has become the axiom that prevails in government. Donald Rumsfeld designed the prescription drug scam that raised the costs of healthcare even further.

This healthcare debacle has only opened a can of worms I do believe because other issues are coming under the microscope. It’s all about the money and it makes me wonder who is actually going to profit from this healthcare proposal and what is the ulterior motive? After all, the government has done little for America’s loosing their homes and jobs while lining the pockets of corporations and lucrative special interests. Obama pandered for the first bail-out while still a senator using fear and the need for expediency to rush the cash into the hands of criminals. Frankly, I found his speech hopelessly lacking in content, substance and now I wonder what the real agenda is. Maybe he should have used his teleprompter or got a new writer.

Your Devil’s Advocate


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The Decline and Fall of the First Amendment

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Last week I wrote a spirited article about an encounter with senior citizens. It was a lively piece since these octogenarians were once staunch Obama supporters. They pulled no punches and had some hard questions with both the Democratic and Republican Parties. In any event these survivors of the last Depression had both eyes on the road, their hands on the wheel and were of most ethnic groups other than celestial, I think. In any event it was an honest slice of Americana and they did not mince words nor sugarcoat their opinions.

Harmless enough eh, just another news story that will not see much daylight from the mainstream. I’m used to getting mail from people who do not share my opinion and that is a good thing since they have an opinion of their own. After all it’s a free country, right? Some are more spirited than others and that’s how it goes. But never before had I received such vial and contemptuous hate mail as I did from Obama hardliners. They showed me that if you don’t share the opinion of their politicians you are an enemy of the state, possible terrorist or a racist. The issue of healthcare then became overshadowed by a campaign of intimidation, hate and degradation. Anyone who opposes anything about this current administration faces a career disaster and placed on the right wing whackos list as per the request from Janet Napolitano. What ever happened to freedom of speech or expression? The government no longer agrees to disagree they declare war on an individual and dissect them in the publics eye. Political correctness has taken the place of morality, honor and truth. Gads, even Hillary Clinton’s mob was not as vulgar or vial as these fanatical supporters. And to think I voted for this clown.

I was told that I was an SOB for not supporting my president and I should be shipped back to where I cam from. I was also told I was a racist. Hmm, well it’s true I am and SOB who does not agree with many things the president and his administration has done. I’m still in favor of the Constitution of the United States of America, silly me. Granted, I really am pissed off that almost everything that pushed me into voting for Ohbummer was all “campaign rhetoric”. Think the most crucial thing for me this election was stopping the Clinton’s from stealing more of the silverware and lining their pockets on our dime. Now we have Hillary making deals in secret with China while we all fuss over the healthcare smoke screen.

Like a fox guarding the hen house, the Clinton’s are back in the saddle with China’s vested interests at heart with our economy. And now Bill comes to the rescue for the two journalists captured in North Korea. Why didn’t Al Gore make a move on behalf of his own reporters? They do work for Al Gore’s Current TV you know. Looks like a Clinton PR moment to me. Knowing a deal was cut before Bill flew over to Jongland should have raised eye browns. The fact a delegation of the China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations led by Vice-President Tao Jian arrived in North Korea a day before Bill should have been another indicator this was going to be a Clinton photo op. It was also an “in your face Obama” from the Hillary for Prez camp as well. But I doubt the Obama camp will catch that one unless it’s written on a teleprompter.

But why stop there Bill? There is an American Viet Nam Veteran (John William Yettaw) in dire medical condition in a Burmese prison that would like to come home as well. Or is Burma the deep dark secret in spite of their nuclear weapons consortium with North Korea? Frankly I do not understand why only now the fed is barely speaking about North Korea’s nuclear program with Burma. News about Burma’s secret tunnels and nuclear aspiration is old news for us Asian correspondents. Then again Hillary Clinton, China’s premier diplomat has Asia under control. Oh Boy! So now she is going to finish where Bill left of in selling American industries. It was disgusting to hear China scold Hillary about our economy while it’s their country that took our jobs and economy, thanks Bill.

As for being shipped back to where I came from I would not need any gas money, course my cousin might. My people are Indigenous to the Plains so I am already here. I have to chuckle when I hear people call me a racist though. While the government and the media argue about black issues there is not even a peep about the red guys, yellow guys, brown guys and a slew of pink and beige guys. Hmm, sounds racist to me. Surely there are other ethnic groups within the US. I’d make a bad racist anyway since I have friends and business associates around the world. Don’t get me wrong I’ve struggled with racial hatred growing up and would have plenty to snivel about if I chose to. There was nothing fun about growing up Indigenous in the 50’s. Also, I think it’s beyond stupid to lower test scores so minorities can pass tests. I’m a minority and had to pass ridged tests for the fire service, FEMA and the EPA back in the day. There was no dumb down algebra when I went to college and I hated it just like the white guys. If I failed I studied harder and tested again like so many other minorities have done in the past. What’s wrong with being intelligent anyway? Why dumb down a nation in the first place?

But what really peeved me about these assaults was a statement made towards me about being a slave owner. I’m not a descendant of slave owners but ironically Barack Hussein Obama is. On his mom’s side of the family he is a descendant of the all mighty presidents club from 17th century Virginia. To the chagrin of those Birthers, Barack is as American as apple pie and blood related to Dick Cheney, Hillary Clinton, Lyndon Johnson and a host of other politicians and mucky mucks whose blood lines flow from 17th Century Colonial slave owning white Virginia. Like an African American chum of mine once said, “Obama ain’t Ghetto”. It is patently offensive for a president of the United States to change his vernacular when speaking to a black audience as compared to a white one though. Isn’t that a form of racially motivated pandering? Or was it racist of me to even think it was?

From what I’ve gathered from my hate mail I am a racist hate monger who hates Al Gore and Earth as well. Others simply want to give me lead poisoning, capice? It’s the level of pure hatred in the regular hate mail that astounded me though. Death threats were about average, maybe a little more hateful in its wording. The general theme of the communications bordered on fanatical and demeaning at best. So much for freedom of the press, speech and expression eh. It was very sad to note these educated people were frustrated and deeply angered by my little story. Hope they hate this one as well. Yeah, at least they were reading my stuff, I got a response and that’s all a writer can ask for eh. From a street kids perspective I see a power play being perpetrated on the American public. A well organized group is trying to take control of the media, politicians and our country through intimidation, “Control the media and you control the masses” Mob rule is the best way to describe it because the voice of the people has been effectively silenced and ignored. And the First Amendment has no place in the new government that is being formed right before your very eyes.

No, I don’t hate Al Gore either. But I do find it strange his handlers will exclude renowned scientists from challenging his environmental agenda in Europe or the US when Al has an open forum though. Arnold single handedly terminated California’s economy with flawed science and a phony scientist (Hien Tran). I always question someone who can’t stand on both legs in a speech or debate. If you truly believe in the science or theorem you expound as your platform then you should face all challengers in earnest and determination. Dare I mention the use of Teleprompters? Then Al “Half Science” Gore only uses science that moves his agenda forward, (corporatism). Other facts and breaking news are discounted and ignored. The very science he uses also tells of the cycles the Earth goes through but that part does not count. It also tells of how we are living in one of the longest temperate periods between ice ages since creation. From an indigenous point of view we are in for a very ruff ride environmentally and there is no turning back the clock of destiny for it was written eons ago. It’s time for Earth to hose off all the vermin anyway. Civil Society has long since ceased to exist since economics took precedents over humanity. Man will just get greedier and greedier if nature does not put a stop to it. So let the games begin.

I am not left or right of center, I am just a disenfranchised American just like the vast majority of the people I’ve interviewed across the country over the last two years. But it is heartening to note that we are the majority and not the minority like the media likes to purport. That is something we the people must realize, we still control our votes provided this administration does not fix things for us. We are not alone with our dismay in the absolute corruption that earmarks our house of representatives, congress and the presidency. While we still have the right we must vote all these parasites out of their lucrative jobs representing corporations while lining their pockets with our blood money, plain and simple. It’s time for a new party. For you Ohbummers who want to put the whack on me. Well come on down to Dallas and maybe you can make my day. As for the rest of you goons who don’t agree with what I have to say, that’s OK since it is still your right. But if you don’t pay attention we all will be drinking victory gin while watching Big Brother on the community boob tube.

Your Devil’s Advocate


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