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Buffalohair: Is Canadian Prime Minister Harper a Liar?

Is Canadian Prime Minister Harper a Liar?

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I choked on my Bannock Bread when I read *Prime Minister Harper of Canada tooted his horn about the absents of colonialism in Canadian history at the G20 summit. Sadly the Canadian PM failed to do his homework since he managed to forget the continued colonization of the Indigenous population. Maybe he just forgot about the “Belcher Declaration”, a cute little declaration where the Canadian government paid out cash to anyone who brought back a Native scalps. Moving Natives to reserves and giving them disease infested blankets was another part of Canadian’s grand colonization program he failed to “remember”. America shares this dubious history as well.

Then there was the policy of “killing the Indian in the child”. The Canadian government summarily took Native kids from their families and sent them to distant boarding schools. Many were murdered and buried in court yards of churches and schools as Canada cleansed the budding nation of them pesky Natives. Former minister of the Church of Canada, **Kevin Annett, chronicled Canada’s deep dark secret in books and the silver screen. The hidden history of Canada is more a story of genocide rather than colonization though. So maybe that is why he forgot that part, silly me eh.

Seems PM Harper over looked what is happening to the M├ętis of Black Tickle Labrador. Surely you remember how the Canadian government is trying to force the residents of this tiny village off their land. The Canadian government denied their request to have a road to the Trans Labrador Highway so they could capitalize on the growing tourist trade. ***Black Tickle is located in a pristine setting along the sea with excellent fishing and hunting, a perfect holiday destination. Interestingly enough was the fact the Canadian government was in bed with several major tourist related industries. Maybe that was a coincidence as well. But from my vantage point it wreaked of conspiracy. Imagine a government who willfully makes it hard on residence to get clean water to drink since e-coli bacteria began to seep into their water table. With no regard for the culture Canada wants them out and has done everything in their power to make life hard for this humble community. They only wanted a chance at the bras ring but got the shaft instead.

No colonization eh? The fact the Native population of Canada are still relegated to reserves or colonies means colonization is still going strong. Dare I mention the list of atrocities being committed by the Royal Canadian Mounties and provincial police? Murder and rape of Native school girls goes unnoticed or unaddressed to this day. Law enforcement has lead Native people to their deaths on more than one occasion by dumping them miles away from town to freeze to death. The list of atrocities staggers the imagination as the onslaught continues.

Shame on you PM Harper and yes you owe the Indigenous population of Canada an apology, at the very least. But I doubt that will happen since he and other world leaders are in the process of colonizing the planet. They call it “Globalization” but in all reality it’s colonization. The G20 summit is all about money and converting Canada as well as the rest of the free world into a One World Order. On a lighter note at least we Native people will not have to go through any changes since we are still being colonized both in Canada and the United States of America. Fact is all of the America’s are colonized as well as Africa and Asia. From an Indigenous point of view the only drawback from the colonization of the planet will be finding parking at the food bank since we will soon have the rest of the planet in the same boat as us.

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