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Walk With the Warriors Inc. Commanders' Update Veterans Day Activities 2009

Walk With the Warriors Inc.
Commanders' Update Veterans Day Activities 2009

I) American Indian Veterans Day Vigil Walk (Pentagon to Vietnam Veterans)
II) Celebration of the Native American Indian Heritage Month
III) Honoring the Korean War Memorial
Sponsored by: Walk With the Warriors, Blue Star Mothers, & Gold Star Mothers

The event will be Nov..6th., 7th., and 8th.

At: Old Folk-Life Festival Site, NE of Washington Monument, between Constitution Ave & Madison Dr., between 14th and 15th Street.

Schedule of events:
Friday, November 6, 2009 – Setting up Information Center and Headquarter
(VA Benefits, counseling, and blessings will be available, at this site Sat. & Sun.)

Saturday November 7, 2009
Annual Vigil Walk of the Century will begin at the Pentagon and will end at the
Korean War Memorial, Lying of the wreath ceremony will take place as soon as the Vigil Walk arrives.
The Pentagon: Ceremony will take place in the courtyard of the Pentagon.
1) 10:30AM - Master of Ceremonies by; Jake Singer
A) Opening Ceremony: American Indian Pipe Ceremony by Jake Singer Commander
Walk With he Warriors Inc.
B) Invocation: Jack Jackson (traditional Navajo Prayers & Songs)
C) Honorary Speakers:
1) Commanding Officer in Chief, President Barack Obama
2) Commanding Officer of the Pentagon
3) Navajo Code Talkers; (open)
4) Retired Arizona State Senator; Jack Jackson
5) Kim Sowinski
6) Navajo Nation Representative (open)
7) Closing Prayer; Chaplin Allan Pomaville
2) 12:00PM - Vigil Walk to the Korean War Memorial will commence, from the North Parking lot of the Pentagon. (American Indian Society Color Guards and Color Guards from any organizations are welcome to lead the march)
3) 1:00PM - Lying of the Wreath Ceremony at the Korean War Memorial
4) 2:00PM – At the Main Headquarter, Old Folk-life Festival Site
Press Release Conference;
1) Opening Statement by Commander, Walk With the Warriors Inc; Jake Singer
2) Navajo Nation Representative (open)
3) Navajo Nation Washington Office
4) Board Member, Walk With the Warriors Inc; Bob Hrobak
5) Vice Commander, Walk With the Warriors Inc; Angela Barney Nez
6) MOPH member, Vietnam; Leroy Thomas
7) Dilkon Veterans Organization – Felix Tsinijinnie
Cool Closing prayer – William Singer, Dilkon Veterans Organization
5) 4:00 PM – 5:00PM Round Dance (Dance of Victory)
6) 8:00 PM - NAC Prayer Service (Teepees Welcome)

Sunday November 8, 2009
1) 8:00AM - Midmorning Brunch
2) 9:00AM - Gourd Dance and Round Dance
3) VA benefit Information, counseling, and blessings. (all day long)
4) Closing down by 5:00 pm.


Maine Act to Establish Native American Veterans Day
read more.........................


United States Senate Committe On Indian Affaires
Chairman- Byron L. Dorgan
Vice Chairman-John Barrasso Contact page
See a complete list of committe members and committe actions here................................


There are thousands of Vietnam Veterans that have been able to marry, raise children, and enjoy grandchildren because of the heroic service of military nurses in Vietnam. Please visit:

Please visit our website for further information:

Diane Carlson Evans 866-822-8963 President and Founder Vietnam Women's Memorial Foundation, Inc. 1735 Connecticut Avenue NW 3rd Floor Washington, DC 20009
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