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Buffalohair: Guatemalan Natives Taste More Canadian Colonialism, Two Murdered

Guatemalan Natives Taste More Canadian Colonialism, Two Murdered

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Death Head

Compañia Guatemalteca de Niquel (CGN), a subsidiary of Manitoba’s HudBay Minerals killed two Guatemala Natives. While extracting *Natives from resource rich tribal land the private army of Hudbay shot and killed two people who did not want to be evicted from their homes. The private army opened up on villagers who refused to leave their tribal land in protest. Killed in the assault was Adolfo Ichi Chamán, a teacher and community leader. Eight others were wounded in the assault.

If that was not enough blood shed, a bus load of Native educators and town elders was ambushed in a hale of machine gun fire killing Martin Choc and wounding nine more Natives. With Guatemalan government assistance homes were burned to the ground forcing villagers to flee for their lives on more than one occasion. This is a common practice throughout South America where Canadian mining companies and corrupt government officials have evicted thousands of indigenous people from their tribal land. Farms and homes have been systematically destroyed to make way for these unscrupulous mining companies with no regard for the Indigenous population. Thousands protested the evictions while mining officials claimed most of the villagers willingly complied with the resettlement order. One official claimed the villagers shot each other casting more doubt on the credibility of the mining officials claim. They complied all right, with a gun barrel aimed at their heads. Ah but Hudbay stocks are up and that’s all that matters eh.

Barrick Gold has an equally dismal track record as well as a private army who has murdered a multitude of people over the years. Africa and Asia has been plagued by corrupt politicians and mining companies who have wreaked havoc on the Indigenous populations for years. It’s not only Canadian companies by any means but in light of PM Harper’s bogus claim about colonization in Canada these events were worth noting. Guess it’s OK to colonize people in other countries. Time and time again the mainstream media has all but ignored the cries of the people as the land grab continues in the cloak of secrecy. Then if they reported the news they distorted the truth to whitewash the brutality committed by these firms. After all, much of the media is owned by a hand full of corporations. If you follow the money it will stagger the imagination how much the corporate web of deceit has spread throughout the planet.

If we as human beings would just open our eyes and see through the blarney we will notice that humanity throughout the world is under siege. People are being arrested, tortured and killed for simply living on mineral rich land for the sake of corporate interests. Politicians are not of the people, by the people or for the people anymore. They are of the corporations, by the corporations and for the corporations. No matter which country you reside humanity is under assault as nation after nation is turned into an economic zone and citizens are relegated to the ranks of consumers. Just be forewarned when your national leader’s returns from the G20 summit they will have a “Global” solution to save their economies. It’s all a sham. Politicians call it Globalization. I simply call it the colonization. And it’s all about the money. Humanity was tossed in the dumpster. Just more New World Order malarkey.

Good thing we are living in the “time of change” because this is not a civil society. Mankind has come full circle for we have become animals who only lust for material gratification at any cost. Human life has become a nonissue in the corporate eye. Just remember my words, natural events will soon overshadow the petty land grabs as Mother Earth convulses and cleanses the globe of all the cancer that has infected her skin, lock, stock and tomahawk.

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