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Buffalohair Buy Chinese Goods and Die

Buffalohair Buy Chinese Goods and DieJan 11, '10 2:12 PM
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Buy Chinese Goods and Die

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In yet another round of recalls for poisonous children’s toys US Product Safety authorities scramble to investigate *children’s jewelry tainted with deadly poison, again.

Ironically China’s export earnings have skyrocketed causing an uptick in Asian markets. From deadly Chinese manufactured dog food, date rape laced children’s toy and hundreds of millions of board feed of toxic dry wall China has made a profitable living selling Americans and the free world contaminated, sub-grade and down right lethal products. But the price was right, or was it?

Quality control in China is almost non-existent since corruption has become rampant throughout the Chinese Communist Party and government officials as a whole. Cumulatively China has cost the US consumer billions in their wide ranging defective products. The housing crisis was compounded by the fact millions of homes were built with defective and toxic drywall that literally eats electrical wiring making a new home useless and unlivable. Who will absorb the cost for this disaster, the US taxpayer? For pet owners the loss of their beloved pets from hopelessly contaminated animal products was a priceless loss indeed. Medical expenses and funeral costs for the children who were poisoned by these goods was insult to injury for families who’ve lost a loved one for they paid the ultimate price for cheaper goods.

The date rape drug found in children’s toys was the epitome of China’s inability or intentional disregard for public safety in the western world. How far beyond stupid are we to continue to buy potentially dangerous if not deadly products from a nation with no regard for quality control? The face China sold software to US power companies that are loaded with Trojans should have been a wake up call since now our power grid is hopelessly compromised. The list of contaminated, defective and deadly goods from China staggers the imagination by its shear magnitude.

But it’s all about lower prices and the corporate bottom line since many US retailers pay pennies on the dollar for China’s ravenously defective and bogus goods. You get what you pay for and cheaper prices all but guarantee your products will be made without those costly issues of quality control. After all, they are cheap for a reason.

Possibly it’s because slave labor does not put their heart into their work and secretly sabotage their jailer’s products. What ever the reason, it is the consumer who continues to feel the brunt of China’s inability to keep deadly products off Canadian and US shelves. There is no question other nations have shared in China’s defective and tainted goods. How many children have died around the world already? You may not have heard about China’s tainted baby formula that killed many Asian kids in the recent past. And there are more horror stories that don’t make the front page or go un reported.

Many third world nations don’t have consumer laws and many more people may have already died in obscurity. With the US suffering a trade deficit since the very beginning it is clear the only people to truly profit from the sale of bogus Chinese goods are corporations and China of course. They buy this trash for less than pennies on the dollar and shove them in the consumer’s faces for just a few dollars less than quality goods. Ah but it’s all about the money and the life of the consumer has no relevance in the corporate eye. With US and UK industries moving jobs to China soon trusted familiar brand names will succumb from cheap labor and Chinese products they’ve placed their once trusted names on.

In any event people do not pay attention and the price they pay may very well be the loss of their family members or pets. But by the time these consumers realize their mistake, it will be too late. The fact many of these products are made with little or no quality control should have been a red flag. Buying Chinese goods over quality made items costs the consumer way more since they have to replace the defective item they bought in the first place. The item they passed over to save a few bucks would have been cheaper in the long run since they would not have to replace it in the first place.

Fanning the flames of China’s growing economy is not necessarily a bad thing provided the products were quality. But to continue to buy from a country with such a fetid track record for selling deadly and defective goods is ludicrous and beyond all sensibilities. The fact China continues to violate every tenet of Human Rights and continues to commit crimes against humanity should have been another red flag. This makes the worldwide consumer a financier of brutality and crimes against humanity when you do the math.

Corporations have gone out of business for a fraction of the continued public safety issues China has been guilty of. Why China gets a free pass on product safety still puzzles all watchdog groups who monitor China’s crimes against the consumer. Corporations turn a deaf ear on consumer complaints and only when there is death to innocent victims do they respond. But in a world that revolves around the corporate bottom line issues of product safety are placed in the same category as Human Rights since these issues are not cost effective.

On a positive note we should all thank Bill Clinton for his continued lobbying for China’s best interests around the world and for giving China “Favored Nation Status”. After all, it was he who opened the floodgates of US and Canadian job losses.


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