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Buffalohair China’s BYD Auto Sent to Invade Struggling US Auto Markets

Jan 15, '10 5:47 AM
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China’s BYD Auto Sent to Invade Struggling US Auto Markets

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With US industries moving to China for cheap labor and no environmental laws it is clear China and ruthless industrialists have targeted the US again. This time they plan to sell cars made in China further crippling the western industries. Knowing what we do about China’s reputation for selling tainted milk, deadly dog food, bogus dry wall and a host of other tainted and deadly products, *BYD should offer us spectacular auto accidents and more untold loss of life. But since it’s all about the corporate bottom line the loss of life is simply collateral damage and well worth the profits.

US and Canadian jobs and industries have been moved to China leaving the western hemisphere in economical shambles. Since Bill Clinton opened the flood gates of China’s sub standard goods the US and Canadian consumer has paid dearly in the loss of life and defective products. With recalls coming from once quality manufacturers who chose to utilize China’s burgeoning slave labor resources it is clear pride in manufacture has gone by the wayside. Likened to trash in a wrapper Chinese goods have flooded the market place with their cheaper and sub standard goods killing people and pets. The Chinese drywall fiasco added in crippling the housing markets with drywall that destroys wiring and poses major health risks. And this was not an isolated event since millions of homes have become unfit for human or beast from the contaminated drywall.

Insult to injury is the beat way to describe this calculated move to push Chinese cars on the US market. With China deeply encrusted in crimes against humanity, volumes of atrocities are accredited to their portfolio. It is clear their products are drenched in human suffering with China’s bustling Gulag system. The world has grown complacent and only worry about saving a few bucks regardless of how many people died in the manufacture of cheap goods. It is obvious to see why the world as a whole will suffer in coming years for their ambivalence. Knowing what China does to retain cheap prices should have been a major red flag for all consumers but it was not. In fact people have made excuses to justify why they continue to buy goods that are drenched in tyranny making them enablers and financiers of rape, murder and slave labor. Since they support China and China’s human rights violations, in turn they will enjoy the fruits of their ignorance. This is the Time of Change and everyone on Earth is rallying to one side or another either consciously or sub consciously. It’s all about good or evil and the side you choose will affect your destiny. What appears cheap now will garner a hefty price.

It will be interesting to note who jumps on China’s bandwagon to sell these road bombs. Who wants to side with torture, rape and murder? We shall soon see since it was rumored Volvo was considering a working partnership with Chinese tyranny. In any event the culprits of greed will soon make themselves shamelessly known as agents for China’s economy and traitors to their homeland. With blood on their hands they will sell Chinese garbage at the expense of US and Canadian workers who were betrayed by the countries they helped build.

So I guess its OK to sell out our nations industries and workers for the sake of the corporate bottom line. US auto industries who’ve abandoned America for China also plan to sell their cheap second rate junk back to America. Ironically China’s electric cars are targeted for US consumption while they continue to drive Hummers and other gas bombs. What about all the global warming hog wash? Guess it only matters if you come from America since we are the bad guys; just ask our president and Hillary Clinton. They will tell you its all America’s fault.


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