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Buffalohair Can Barack Hussein Obama save his Presidency?

Jan 23, '10 8:18 PM
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Can Barack Hussein Obama save his Presidency?

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My answer to this trillion dollar question is yes he can, but there are some deep changes that must talk place in order to win back the hearts of this nation. The very first thing he must do is fire all his advisors and say nyet to the globalization scam. It is more than clear his handlers mistook the pulse of this nation by pushing the most radically unconstitutional agenda in US history. Bordering on treason, Barack’s presidency was wracked with unconstitutional, if not criminal, objectives. Climategate was one of them. The Healthcare initiative was only a smoke screen since it only involved several hundred billion bucks. Trillions were going out the back door while we argued over pennies in comparison.

Like an onion investigators within the United Nations itself are discovering volumes of bogus, inaccurate and fabricated data that has plunged nations into financial chaos. Don’t forget all the e-mails by crooked scientists who deliberately misled the public. California was a microcosm of what all was wrong with the once energetic call to environmental arms. It was all an elaborate lie founded of politically motivated scientists who sold their credibility to the highest bidder. Arnold Schwarzenegger chose to destroy California’s economy by ignoring the fact the scientist who drafted the “war on diesels” via the California Air Resources Board was a fraud and a liar with a mail order college degree. Rather, Arnie went forward with his campaign of destruction and destroyed millions of jobs and bankrupted California knowing the facts about this clown. Arnold had a second agenda since he was banking on Mexico, a future deep water port and NAFTA. The influx of “exempt” foreign trucks unencumbered by US restrictions was also on his agenda. Arnold betrayed California.

Sadly Barack Obama chose to follow in Arnie’s foot steps by accepting bogus claims of man made climate change. The end result was the devastation of a national economy, the loss of jobs and the destruction of America’s infrastructure. The logic behind simply sending industries to nations with no environmental or labor laws still escapes me. But what real dumbfounded me was how the public bought into it in the first place. How could simply moving an industry to another part of the planet change anything? Surely buying Carbon Credits only lined pockets since none of these initiatives solved anything in all reality. The environment still got polluted but it was OK, just so America and the UK lost all their industries. The salvation for the free world was going to be a global one I venture to say. It’s Disaster Capitalism at its best boys and girls. Like it or not, that is what it was all about and the corporate bottom line, of course.

George Soros and Al Gore invested billions on so called green projects in what will be considered the folly of the 21st century, man made Global Warming. Al Gore funneled taxpayer dollars to foreign countries to build his green financial empire. Obama sent the lion’s share of the environmental stimulus money to other nations as well. The reality of global warming was volcanism and solar activity. Science and other known facts pointed to cyclic changes in the Earths environment rather than man and his industries. Granted mankind should have been kinder to the environment, there is no question. Our stewards should have spent their time and our money preparing us for coming natural events that will soon wreak havoc around the world for this aspect of change is just around the corner. It would appear this Global Warming scam was a tool to cripple the economies of the free world in favor of China and other enemies of this nation. It hints of treason.

Now that the staunchly Democratic state of Massachusetts voted into office a Republican senator, Scott Brown, obviously American’s have had enough. Barack Obama now is pointing his energies towards the banking industry like closing the barn door after all the cows ran off. Ironically this should have been his first agenda when he took office since it is clear as the nose on your face the mortgage industry was riddled with criminals who bought politicians. Christ Dodd should have been marched off to jail pending a full investigation into his involvement and collusion with AIG for he was a liar and a thief. By no means is Chris the only morally bankrupt politician but it would have been a start. Obama should have addressed the Inron Loophole and the Wall Street Speculator scandal at the very beginning of his term in office. This was identified as the root cause of our financial disaster in the first place, or did you forget that part? Basically, Barack should have kept at least one promise he made to the public at large, not the concerns of industry, the World Trade Organization and the New World Order.

Sadly, one year into his presidency he failed to address the increasingly and energetic foreclosure industry. One year into Obama’s presidency and Americans were left to fend for themselves while corporations raked in billions and took our homes away with bail-out money he and GW pandered for, surely you remember that, gads. If Barack Obama wants to salvage his presidency and his legacy he needs to clean house and dump all the vermin he adopted from prior failed administrations starting with Nancy Pelosi. He should also rummage through the presidential trash can for the Constitution of the United States of America and try acting like a US citizen. It should be known that tent cities teaming with new homeless people who voted for Obama on the promise of hope, to save their homes and jobs. No one feels more betrayed then them. His embracing George W. Bush’s executive orders giving the president absolute power while ignoring the constitution revealed volumes about his darker agenda. Obama turned his presidency into GW’s proxy third term in all reality.

If Barack Obama does not do something radical to alter the course of his administration he will surpass Jimmy Carter in being the worst president in US history. In fact he will be remembered as the president who tried to destroy America in favor of the New World Order. I say tried since he and his handlers woefully underestimated the will of the American people. So did the rest of the world for that matter, including China.

Hey Obama, it’s all about “We the People” not “We the Corporation” Capice?

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