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Buffalohair Earth Change and the New World Odor

Buffalohair Earth Change and the New World Odor

Earth Change and the New World Odor

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From the perspective of a person with vision and or people who actually read their respective dogmas, everything is moving as prophesied. World leaders have sold their electorates to the highest bidders while promoting lies and deception at the behest of their international corporate handlers. On the other hand Ma Earth has been counting coup and has begun the process of renewal as she begins her “season”. Like women of the Earth during their season she is not a happy camper and her mood swings will soon have cataclysmic results.

Truths of all kinds have been placed on the back burner since they were not politically correct or are counter productive in the grand scheme of things. Long known scientific facts that in many ways vindicated ancient teachings and prophecy have become a pariah to the mainstream scientific communities. Facts have been set aside “for the better” and replaced with “facts” that promote the international corporate agenda. Globalization better known as the colonization of the planet has become the wave of the future and the whole man made climate change scam has become their Weapon of Mass Destruction.

Every facet of society has been inundated with half truths, lies and complete fabrications. The media as a whole has become the tools of international corporate greed and the ultimate mechanism for mind control through out the globe. For every truth there are a multitude of lies with graphs and charts to prove them wrong. In the confusion the general public has become the lemming’s long prophesied in ancient teachings as the Pied Pipers of deception sing their melodies of deceit. The only real green on the minds of the international cartels who are promoting the greatest lie in human history is the green of the sore buck or Euro in the general public’s pockets.

You can’t have it both ways paisan. It’s either the fact we are living in the time of great change or man and his hopelessly inflated ego will “save” the planet and stop man made global warming. When scientists started to claim that volcanoes were a minor disruption and a mere pittance as far as pollution was concerned only verified what one scientist told me several years ago, “Science has become nothing more than alchemy for political purposes”. Further, scientists have become victims of extortion by the politics of the day, better known as corporate interests. If a scientists does not follow the “party line’ they will loose their funding or have their work discredited ruining their careers. It’s all about the corporate bottom line but this was supposed to happen so this is actually a good sign as far as verifying prophecy is concerned.

Like it was taught to me, it would be the darkest before the dawn in human history before true change will occur. Sadly it must get darker before the warmth of humanity shines on the souls of mankind once again. But none the less humanity would rise out of the ashes of this fetid so called civilization. Humanity is powerless to stop neither man’s greed nor the cycle Mother Earth was created with. It is ironic that the once noble environmental movement has become the side arm of the international corporate agenda though. My how the worm has turned as the very corporations that once were the scourge of the planet became the bedfellows of the green movement. Playing into the man made climatic change scam has forever destroyed their credibility since they are now following the Globalization “party line”. Buying carbon credits and moving polluting industries to third world countries has nothing to do with saving the planet. Shifting wealth and aligning international trade zones has nothing to do with altering climatic change. How far beyond stupid is that?

If you don’t see it now, chances are you never will. But again, this was supposed to happen since deception has become the norm in every facet of society. After all, it’s OK to lie if it’s for the greater good they say. But sadly truth is never spawned from lies and two wrongs never make a right. It would be to easy to point an accusing finger at Barack Obama or the love child of GW Bush and Tony Blair, Gordon Brown. But the reality is the fact they are simply “fall guys” like so many other world leaders and they take their marching orders from the International Corporate Oligarchy. Some call them false prophets I simply call them “Great Prevaricators” and frankly they are bottom feeders in the hierarchy of fascist corporatism and the New World Order. With all that said one thing is certain, their reign of greed will be short lived for nature will have the final say since no part of the planet will be spared from the wrath of Ma Earth while she has her “season”.

It is funny, in a dark sort of way, how the so called elite class has built underground communities around the world while casting folly and ridicule on commoners who speak of the pending change though. Their caverns are filled with the best cuts of meat and food stuffs that would feed an army. Supplies of every kind fill their underground bunkers as they prepare of the impending Earth Changes but for the common man the notion of Earth Changes is relegated to “poppycock”. It was said in many visions that their underground shelters would be their tombs and like the Pharaohs of Egypt they would be buried with all their finery. The twist is the fact they would be buried alive but who listens to prophecy anyway? Oh well, to bad, so sad eh. Ain’t nothing but a meatball to me paisan. Frankly, it does not matter to me one bit if you believe a word I say for I am only keeping a promise I made many years ago. I live with many visions and for the most part they are a royal pain in my ass. If I told you all that I “see” you would not believe me anyway. So what is the point for I only told you a fraction of what I know. The key to surviving the times that lay ahead is written in your sacred books so I’m not going to ramble ad nauseam. For those with no faith you can stand next to your space buddy who will be equally shocked at the power of Ma Earth for that was in visions as well eh. Technology, no matter how advanced, will be in the toilet and it does not matter what part of the universe you come from.

The only part of Earth Changes I will not care for is the part where the physics of electricity changes rendering everything electronic useless. That means NO SPELL CHECK. Course I’ll revert back to being a hunter gatherer and will not have time to ramble anyway. Maybe I’ll save a can of spray paint so I can “tag” a rock with the words, “I Told You So” provided I survive. Technology will ultimately be the Achilles Tendon of this contemporary era. You know what they say about empires built on a foundation of sand eh. Just for grins toss in the fact everything technologically speaking is based on silica sand. It could all be just some kind of bizarre coincidence but what if this was metaphorical. After all, with no electricity micro processors would be completely useless making your iPad an elaborate coffee cup coaster. That would be to obvious anyway and as we all know, modern man would rather hear a feel good and eloquent lie rather than see things for what they really are.

Even if I don’t survive the Earth Changes I will die knowing in my heart that humanity will prevail where greed once stood. That’s in prophecy as well for it will not be the end of the world just the conclusion of a cycle. Nowhere in all the prophecies of the globe was it mentioned man could or would alter the course of destiny. That was penciled in by hockey pucks with a second agenda $$$$, if you get my drift. Man may think he has the power to alter the course of nature and that will be his death nil for it will be the end of their world. The New World Order will prevail but not the New World Order morally bankrupt politicians and corporatists are marching their nations towards, not by a long shot. But in the meantime enjoy your corporate crap sandwich. Bon Appétit

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