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Buffalohair Steve Hawkings Got It Almost Right

Steve Hawkings Got It Almost Right

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Astrophysicist Steve Hawkings uttered a grave warning for the people of the Earth if and when they encountered extraterrestrials cautioning that it would be too risky. Well Steve the cat has been out of the bag for centuries since many civilizations have been in close contact with them already. According to medieval paintings Europeans had mass sightings and conducted telepathic communications with our celestial friends. Within the deeper reaches of various secretive organizations the core of their beliefs are their connection with these beings. I will not say who they are but they know. Fact is this knowledge is the golden grail and coveted by the “elite” classes from around the world.

The reality of terrestrial encounters goes back thousands of years and not relegated just to these Euro dudes. The Maya paid dearly for knowing the so called secrets of the universe as well as other cultures who knew this reality by these elitists. Funny part about all this is the fact that this select group of people has passed their secret down from generation to the next keeping others artificially in the dark about this galactic connection. Personally, from a tribal perspective I don’t think these people ever bothered to find out if these space vato’s were good or bad, they just got ga ga over their fancy contraptions and gizmos. Bet they thought these space monkeys were G*D’s of some kind. How far beyond stupid is that? Within all surviving Indigenous cultures news about sky people or E.T.’s is old news at bests. Some tribes have stories of how they defeated these fanciful gadget ridden goons in the past, without modern day weaponry. Other tribes could give a fling crappola about these space guys since it was no sweat off their backs.

An encounter to us was nothing but a “Thang” and we went on about our business. Our concerns were with good and bad spirits not these dudes in cosmic Frisbees. It was the Earth bound Euro dudes who came along and made a real impression on us, not some guy zipping around in a spaceship. Space people come in all shapes and sizes, some are good and some are bad. There is strong indication these elite groups are partying with the bad guys when you think about it. There is nothing benevolent about the so called ruling class who want to globalize this planet and turn our nations in to work zones. On every continent Indigenous people are under siege for simply living on resource rich land. The people who want these resources don’t want to share the wealth. They just kill off these Indigenous people or move them to textile sweat shops to work for pennies on the dollar. Oh that is civilized all right. Small wonder Ma Earth is going to cleanse the planet, holay.

So if hanging out with these space guys means a select class of people has license to indenture others for the sake of wealth and robbing natural resources mankind just took a giant leap backwards. As for their stellar space buddies, I am not impressed one iota because they are just intergalactic buttheads to me. When governments of the world “reveal” their secret connection with space people and how we’ve been in cahoots for a bazillion years I will turn the channel and watch Sponge Bob Square Pants instead. Visions of the Earth Changes show that even these space dudes will lose their technology whence we are in alignment with the center of the Milky Way. They had better hope their space ships don’t crash in South Central Los Angeles or the Bronx. Them homeboys back in the hood would definitely show them the err of their planetary ways, if you get my drift. You can keep the stock market, I’ll put my money on the Earth Changes since that will be the equalizer for all of humanity and it does not matter what planet you come from paisan.

Yeah Steve, the cat is out of the bag already but I do appreciate the fact you did factor in the presents of space people. And like you said, the encounter was not as good as one would think since the space dudes were boneheads like their Earthborn counterparts.

In an article in *Associated Press;

The 68-year-old scientist says a visit by extraterrestrials to Earth would be like Christopher Columbus arriving in the Americas, “which didn’t turn out very well for the Native Americans.”

Boy was that ever an understatement.


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