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Buffalohair Earth Changes 101 (Lab)

Earth Changes 101 (Lab)

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By now it should be as obvious as the nose on a persons face that we are living in a time of dynamic change. Unfortunately, the world is focused on financial concerns while industrialists prepare to colonize the planet via Globalization. Humanity has taken a back seat as corporations encroach on populations around the world stripping them of their land, murdering all who resist and ultimately leaving the land in a state of catastrophic environmental ruin. World leaders have become nothing more than mouth pieces for the international industrial complex at the expense of their respective electorates. Campaign rhetoric (lies) has become a necessary evil in order to garner votes. “Tell the voters what they want to hear and you will win the election” has become the accepted axiom for political success.

The quest for material wealth has become the latest societal cancer to plague humanity. Deception and bold face fabrications have become the norm as hopeless populations vey for crumbs like starving chickens in a coop with a ruthless farmer who is seeking the fattest bird for slaughter. But even in these dark times there is a silver lining since no matter how bad things may appear it is also a sign. If only people practiced what they preached they would be aware of the times we live. Within dogmas around the world these events have been prophesied several millennia ago. Fact is, we are on the final count down as Ma Earth prepares to cleanse herself of all that causes her discomfort and man is absolutely powerless to stop her cycle. Sorry Al, you may be able to scam the public but you can’t fool Mother Nature.

Rather than continue the axiom of fraud and world domination (Globalization), world leaders should be making preparations for their populous to survive the much more virulent times that are just around the corner. Like the thieves in the night Earth Changes has already counted coup as Ma Earth begins her cycle of cleansing. Unfortunately it was also prophesized in a myriad of dogmas that the majority of the world population would not buy into Earth Changes or their own written scriptures. So in some way this article is for those who already know in their hearts and plan to live past this era of cleansing and sadly for the vast majority this era will be the End of Times. Talk about urban renewal eh.

The secret to survival is not a complex one though. Like I said earlier, the secret of survival is written in the pages of all dogmas. Not one inch of Earth will be spared during these times. Every nook and cranny, sanctuary and bomb shelter will be rocked beyond use burying their inhabitance. It is almost poetic justice for the elite class who has been stashing tons of food stuffs and survival gear in massive underground bunkers and secret shelters though. To think man can alter the course of Ma Earth’s cycle is ludicrous at best but what do you expect from people who live with ego and material lusting. Ironically their shelters will be their tombs in the coming days ahead according to visions. Without the true key to surviving they will be like calves to slaughter. It is a befitting end to their reign of greed, to be buried alive. But hey, they will die with “all their stuff” and I guess that is all that matters to them anyway. And they will have their death wish since it will truly be the end of the world for them. After all, they were warned.

As for those who have discovered the true secret of survival, life will move forward at a much less harried pace as humanity becomes the axiom for this will be the “Humbling Times”. In all actuality, there is no secret to survival for it is written in all dogmas and spoken around campfires throughout the universe. Ironically Passover was a classic example of how a person or culture could survive insurmountable odds. By knowing and identifying the spirits who come to you with warnings would be a great big plus in the arsenal of survival since this is the only way people will be made aware of disasters that lay in the future. If Moses did not know the spirit who warned him to paint the lamb’s blood on the doorways of his people he would still be in bondage. What if Moses got all ga ga over just seeing a spirit in the first place? This is what will most likely happen to many people when they see a spirit. They will run around telling everyone they saw a ghost or something then rush to the Enquirer and tell their story. Forgotten would be the content of the conversation and visit in the first place. Or better yet, people will come to terms with the fact a “for real” spirit is in their midst and they will honor this apparition as if this bonehead was a G*D just because this spirit showed them some “magic” or floated them a Pepsi from the fridge. Gads! The people would be putty in the hands of spirits. Yea got to remember, there are both good and bad spirits floating around out there these days. And it is up to you to know which one is from the Creator or not. You will not make the cut in the future if you do not verify who the spirit is.

It’s all written down in your dogma, provided you actually read any of your sacred books. So I’m not going to give you any hoops to jump through nor am I going to tell you any one religion holds the “only” key to surviving the time of change for there is no right or wrong religion in the grand scheme of things. Any religion who marches to the drum of material gain or ego is the wrong religion. Just for the record, survivors will consist of Christians, Jews, Muslims, Catholics, Pagans, and a myriad of faiths and beliefs I can not pronounce. Fact is, in my visions spirits said that the Creator sent messengers to all cultures of the universe to teach of good and bad, right from wrong and the spirit of love and humility. It was man who perverted religions and groomed these dogmas to suit their material and world domination needs, just ask Ramses II. Like it or not, we are already living in the days of the so called anti-Christ (in the Biblical sense) as the world faces yet another war for material gain. And if anyone actually paid attention they would also know that death is not something man is privy to distribute in any manner shape or form, but that of the Creator. So when some bonehead tries to tell you some crappola about a “Holy War” they are lying through their teeth. Don’t you remember that part, “Though Shalt Not Whack Thy Neighbor?”

No need to point fingers since all we are experiencing around the world is pure prophecy in motion and it does not matter what part of this planet you are living. From Rangoon to Roanoke, dynamic change will alter both the geo physical and geo political landscape in ways man was powerless to change. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that you have to be a member of mainstream religions to walk in the Creators light and ultimately safety. I walk within my tribal religion and live with many visions but it’s not my place to shove my dogma down anyone’s throat. My spirituality is my Covent with the Creator and I could give a flying crappola what anyone thinks. I pray my way and you pray yours and I bet the prayers will reach the same dude at the same time. Wish I could have taken you along on my near death experience. I would not have to explain all this stuff to you on such short notice since we actually are running very short on time before electricity ceases to function. Hmm, I should stock up on cans of spray paint so I can “tag” the hillside with stories of how to survive. Maybe I should invest on more rock chisels and come up with some bitchen Petro glyphs and warn the next cycle of humans what will lay ahead for future civilizations.

You had better pack a pair of roller skates since Ma has only just begun to shake rattle and roll. When it comes to Capitalism, Communism, Fascism or any other ism there is only one that will rock your world at this juncture and that is Volcanism and her Tectonic Sisters. Just remember, you can run but you can’t hide from our destiny but you can sure lie about it and pretend for it is your right. But you can’t say you were not warned because this time of change is written within all the dogmas of the world, lock, stock, and tomahawk. Like it or not, “This is the big one Edith” and we have a ring side seat for the “Greatest Show on Earth”. The secret to surviving such tumultuous times are also written within your sacred books. It’s really quite simply in reality and I will undoubtedly write another article about this before the lights are finally out.

For you “End of Times” buffs, never mind. And for you material lusting folks, enjoy the remarkable coincidences.

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