Monday, December 13, 2010

Buffalohair, The Wikileaks Scam

Buffalohair, The Wikileaks Scam

The Wikileaks Scam

It should be more than apparent that Wikileaks was a carefully calculated operation rather than an activist news group. The matrix of the operation is quite complex involving intelligencia with a host of hostile countries and people with an agenda. But for one moment did anyone ponder the possibility the leaked information may be tainted or altered if not completely fabricated in some instances? It is clear Julian Paul (Assange) is more of a figurehead rather than a mastermind and there are other operatives who are really calling the shots with this Wikileaks Ka Ka. It’s really quite odd that Julian’s primary target is America and her allies. If Wikileaks was legitimate it would have assaulted and exposed all the countries in earnest for all the fraud that earmarks contemporary governments around the globe, not just the free world. It would appear Wikileaks primary purpose is to break the spirit of the American people but sorry Julian, in the land of soap operas this is just entertainment and you are just a jester.

American’s love a good scandal but like any other salacious news story the Wikileaks scam will fade from memory as another scandal comes to pass. As sensational as the media likes to portray the so called discoveries of Julian’s most American’s already knew or had an idea anyway. In all fairness Julian should have exposed all the nations for their corruption and secret crimes if he were legitimate. But for Vladimir Putin to throw sticks at America about her democracy was actually quite funny considering he has Russian blood on his hands. Like a pot calling the kettle black, Vlad put his foot in his mouth and singing with kids will not white wash his crimes against Russian sovereignty. Wonder how much money Julian got from Putin or that other New World Order clown Dmitry Medvedev? Eventually the Russian people will take care of this deceptive duo when the truth is finally revealed about their treasonous activities.

As for America, Julian will be placed in the proper category along with Brittany Spears and Paris Hilton where he belongs. Maybe by then he will have stopped snipping the tips off his condoms and stopped spreading the disease called his gene pool. In any event this is part of prophecy and soon there will be others with more salacious material to share with the world. Frankly, I’d rather hear more Paris Hilton gossip since she is more appealing to the eye than that pencil neck mommies boy Julian Paul.

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