Thursday, December 2, 2010

Buffalohair, Julian Assange Wants a Girl to Call His Own

Julian Assange Wants a Girl to Call His Own

Posted in America’s, Europe with tags , , , , on December 2, 2010 by buffalohair
In the beginning I found it darkly comical a journalist easily found people in sensitive and classified positions willing to betray their own country. And to think these boneheads are assigned the mission of spying on us for all intents and purposes. In any event Julian Assange managed to gather sensitive and classified diplomatic cable communications with relative ease. I find this discovery troubling indeed. Why would any communications officer treasonously dump classified communiqué’s and intelligentsia in the lap of a politically slanted journalist such as Assange in the first place? Who were the liaisons and go-betweens that facilitated this and other Wikileaks intelligence operations? Or is Wikileaks just a mechanism for Julian to vent his lifetime of personal torment and sexual frustration? Is this just another way for you to score chicks Julian?

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