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Buffalohair, Marine’s Urinating on the Dead Are Victims Too

Buffalohair, Marine’s Urinating on the Dead Are Victims Too


Marine’s Urinating on the Dead Are Victims Too

I must admit I was shocked but not surprised to see Marines pissing on dead enemy conscripts. Especially since I just did a story on how stupid it was to hate all Muslims. But when you realize they face death every day with their buddies being blown to smithereens from land mines and suicide bombers it is clear they are already suffering from emotional fatigue. They don’t need an Article 15 or summary court-martial, they need some therapy to help them deal with the stresses the mainstream media will undoubtedly ignore while painting our heroes in a negative light. 

From a civilian point of view it would appear these soldiers with weak bladders are just being cruel and heartless. But in reality, the people lying on the ground are deader than a door nail and their spirits are long gone. These Marines were coping with the war from an emotional standpoint. It’s bad enough our soldiers have a hard time differentiating between the good guys and the bad but toss in the fact people are shooting at you and they all look the same. I know the sound of rounds whizzing past ones ears and it’s very humbling and terrifying. When someone is trying to kill you, you must rely on your natural instincts to survive therefore you must erase all the Sunday School morality you was raised with. Basically, you must become a natural born killer instantaneously, sight your target and blow their brains out first, or die. What do people think is going on in Afghanistan anyway?? But since they are American’s let’s screw them over for an event taken totally out of context and with absolutely no understanding about the mechanics of killing the enemy.

The military ingrains combat survival skills into each and every one of their personnel. It’s the name of the game to know when and how to engage enemy combatants with extreme prejudice and to be able to eat your MRE without loosing your lunch later. That takes discipline and rock hard determination but it comes at a price. No one really likes killing people by nature, well most people don’t anyway. But when the time comes to take someone out or be killed yourself, you MUST take care of business (TCIB). It’s at this TCIB juncture when you sight your target and squeeze out the first volley that your mind goes into auto-pilot, it reverts to the instinct that was ingrained in you during training and you become a natural born killer, and love it. There is nothing politically correct about combat training since you sing, live and breathe killing the bad guys and you learn how to use all those cool killing toys too.

Yup, you got to love it while you are popping off those caps and the enemy must be the target of your lead based affection. There is nothing pretty about killing someone but if you’re a Marine in Afghanistan it’s part of the job and you have to cope with it as best you can or you will loose your mind. It is these events that Post Traumatic Stress Disorders are made of. Sadly the VA and Mommy Pants Obama continue to ignore this and other issues our pride must endure whence they are discharged. I have relations still struggling to get bennies since the Vietnam War but that’s another story. But here is the part everyone needs to know about killing, in defense of our Marines. After a person whacked someone they are still high on adrenalin, I mean you are pumped up because you got the bad guys. If you and your crew are still intact you laugh off the firefight and have some fun. It’s not really fun but the person is still in kill mode and in the process of returning to normal the fun will have more of a morbid tone to it.

Gun fights are not fun but levity helps people cope with the severity of the situation. Firefighters, EMT’S, Cops, ER Nurses & Doctors and a myriad of emergency workers find that a little dark humor eases the inner stress from horrific and dire situations. For example; when I was in the Fire Service I used to call intestines ‘noodles’ because of their similarity when I was at the scene of an accident. I would not run my mouth with civilians and bereaved family members, that would be insensitive and cruel but I would chat with fellow emergency personnel as we coped with a tragic accident. People who did not make it out of a burning structure would be a crispy critters and so forth. It did not mean I was being disrespectful by any means but was just trying to find a platform to stand on emotionally while I was doing my job. My instructor at the EPA used to call some of the hazardous materials we were training with as Methyl Ethel Meatloaf because it would literally melt the meat off your bones when it comes into contact with flesh.

If I was cutting a person out of a car and their guts fell out I would mention that noodles were hitting the pavement. I was a pro with Hurst Tools but imagine cutting a car open with BBQ Beef all over the windows and you can see splattered kids in the back seat. Since I was a family man this scene hit home in a big way so I would distance myself from the norm and become super smoke eater and cut their bodies out like a day job. I would even assist in the collection of body parts, talk about BBQ beef, wear those frigging seatbelts paisan. If I was taped or recorded saying something that sounded cruel I would look like a bad guy but in context people would better understand the situation. Now we have soldiers who not only whacked the enemy but also saved their own skins in an adrenaline and emotion packed gun battle. With minds racing they try to shut down the killing machine within their souls then someone has to take a leak.

Off the wall, in an effort to add levity to this most deadly situation someone says, lets piss on these dead guys. Ha, Ha, Ha, sounds good at the time and the seriousness subsides as the crew pisses on a few stiffs that earlier tried to kill them. And for this; US Congressmen, Senators and other morons want to make political fodder out of soldiers who faced dead not a few seconds earlier. That is just plain wrong and it is clear people have their heads up their asses and need a piece of glass implanted in their belly bottom’s so they can see where they are going. These soldiers were not torturing these guys for they were already dead. Even the Taliban had the sense to realize the situation for what it was and chose not make a stink but I guess its open season for our soldiers from our own. The only real crime here was the random act of stupid for video taping this event and posting it online to a world who is searching for fault in America already. What were you thinking? It is shameful that politicians enjoin in the witch hunt against our Marines with enemies of our country just to look liberal or cool. In reality they are showing the Benedict Arnold side of their fetid persona by running their mouths without having a clue.

I may not like this Obama Peace Prize War but I love our soldiers who are giving their all in the battlefields of the world. With one son in the Navy, another in the Air Force, a daughter in the Air Force and one nephew just back from Afghanistan I have a duty to stand behind my kids and our military. It’s the politicians who use them as pawns and political poker chips for the corporate that I am sorely disappointed at. Sadly our politicians on both sides of the isle are invested in the Military Industrial Complex and war IS on the agenda, for fun and profit. Sounds like we are headed towards an African Peace Prize War, or is it Iran or Asia?

It just sucks that my kids are in the line of fire but I already made medicine for them so now it’s in the hands of Maheo. I bet you guys thought I was going to burn a goat and run around naked in some pagan ritual or something. Naw, I just pray within my tradition. Gads, I burn the goat at the Bacchanal, everybody knows that eh. Hmm, now I got to pee. Slide on over soldier and let me take a whizz on that dead guy.

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