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Buffalohair, America Fails Asia 101, Ignores Kachin War in Burma

America Fails ‘Asia 101’, Ignores Kachin War in Burma

I know what it must have felt like to watch helplessly as the Indian Wars unfolded in America. Corporate interests and their presses published lies and excuses to justify the wholesale slaughter of the natives in the name of Manifest Destiny. Now in complete helplessness I am watching the systematic annihilation of another tribe of people, ‘The Kachin’. The Burmese government is killing them simply for the natural resources Kachinland possesses. The media remains mum to atrocities while promoting the lifting of sanctions. How far beyond stupid is that?

It is shameful the world chose to ignore Kachinland’s epic struggle for survive in the face of Burmese tyranny. It has been a year of war for the Kachin people and the media has barely said a word. Only now the media is chirping away about civil unrest in Rakhine State oblivious to the ethnic cleansing just around the corner. Where the hell were these boneheads when the junta began their bloody siege on the Jinghpaw people in the first place? Fortunately the Kachin have the KIO/KIA to watch their backs because it is obvious they are truly alone in this ambivalent world. You, the free world, should be ashamed for turning your backs on a trusted ally in their hour of need.

In a world of honor the Kachin already showed their mettle and spilled their blood along side our troops in *WW 2. They made the ultimate sacrifice and earned a place of distinction for their contribution in preserving the freedoms we all share. The kinship between the US and the Kachin Rangers was a bond sealed in blood and human sacrifice. The Kachin knew in their hearts the US would always be by their side, a moral obligation secured by honor and the memory of their fallen. So you can imagine the feeling of betrayal they felt as sanctions were lifted in Burma while loved ones in Kachinland were being tortured and murdered at that same time. The plight of the Kachin people continues to this day and the stories of human suffering and barbarism stagger the imagination. And true to form the western media is silent.
Timing is everything with the junta and the Rakhine disturbance is the perfect smoke screen needed to pull off another bloody offensive against Kachinland. The loss of life is of no concern to the Tatmadaw as they kill at their leisure when causing dissention between groups. Than Shwe played the race and religion cards between factions since time immemorial. This Muslim/Buddhist dispute thing has the Tatmadaw’s finger prints all over it. The junta is notorious for burning down temples and churches to instigate clashes between groups.

Rape and murder are still trusted old stand-bys in the junta’s arsenal of extortion and deception. Unquestionably Than Shwe wishes the news of war in Kachinland were keep to a minimum and using Rakhine State to draw attention is right up ole Than Shwe’s Alley. He did manage to quell all the chatter about the remaining 700+ political prisoners. There is no doubt they are having a bad time as the junta tortures them with more frequency in a last ditch attempt to brain wash them. Oh well, we are ignoring their plight as well.

With the help of the western media the war in Kachinland is nothing more than a whisper of dissention by some rebels who are opposed to the new civilian government of Myanmar. That is not the case and it is a shameful example of exactly how bias the media has become when it comes to long-range corporate and mining concerns and reporting the news. Kachinland is a sovereign nation with clearly defined borders with Burma and China. Kachinland is also a cornucopia of natural resources that western mining companies are eager to exploit. Your Corrupt-O-Meter should be pegged by now.

The soldiers of the KIO/KIA are the legitimate guardians of the Jinghpaw People and are the true heroes in Burma’s Secret War. To the chagrin of Burmese troops and global mining interests Kachin soldiers are tuned with precision and trained to perfection. They are not going down any time soon. With the cunning of a tiger they are a wary adversary indeed. The Tatmadaw has suffered great losses at the hands of the Kachin and more losses are sure to follow and the bloody war continues. Facing overwhelming odds is the norm for these paitriots and fighting for their very existence is nothing new either. The mainstream media may have forgotten the Kachin but I refuse to, and I pray for their survival.


Jinghpaw Wunpawng Hkalup Hpung

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