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Buffalohair, Why is America Forsaking D-Day?

Why is America Forsaking D-Day?

Is it because the founding father of the Bilderberg Group was a retired Nazi, most notably Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands who was an SS Officer and Dutch Knights Templar? Or is it because American elitist families were Nazi sympathizer progressives in competition with Adolf Hitler to evolve the American Race as opposed to Germany’s Master Race? Only after the attack on Pearl Harbor did they cool their fascist and eugenic ambitions publically. 

Today is June 6th and no one seems to care.

In any event today’s Bilderberg Group cadre includes key officials from the main stream media and the military/industrial complex, provided you did your homework. As these treasonists usher in the New World Order through globalization it is obvious they are using the same technique the Chinese used in erasing China’s illustrious history and destroying her heroes. True to form there is barely a peep about D-Day from the main stream media. In fact you have to hunt down any mention about this day of valor and human sacrifice.

As for America, we are oblivious or simply don’t care anymore and besides, it’s illegal and politically incorrect to wave the American Flag in many places. How far beyond stupid is that? In the old days flags were everywhere and parades filled avenues during D-Day Commemoration to honor our heroes. National pride is a pock to elitist vermin since it is contrary to the tenets of globalization and the destruction of national sovereignty. But what do you care? Just so you have a big screen TV and an iPhone made from indentured slaves inChina. If it were not for our GI’s who gave their all in fighting fascism back in the 40’s the New World Order would already been here. We would either be singing “Es zittern die morschen Knochen” or roasted in an oven. Just remember what Mussolini once said;

“Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power”

As for me, I will continue to honor our true heroes such as my friend Elwood who was a crewman in one of those bombers that crashed behind enemy lines in WW 2. He carried a fellow crewman with two broken legs back to allied territory. He and his fellow crewmen faced insurmountable odds as German scouts tried in vane to hunt down the American bomber crew. This was an epic journey and I only scratched the surface of his heroic story of survival.

And I refuse to forget my Mohawk friend Clarence who was in the Normandy Invasion and singlehandedly saved the lives of 16 soldiers who were frozen with fear on Omaha Beach. One after another, Clarence went back to the beach to retrieve his fellow soldiers to literally drag them to safety through heavy enemy fire. He humbly told me;

“I could not just sit there and watch as those boys were cut down, so I got them. Just wish I got them all”

Shame on everyone who has forgotten the sacrifices made by our gallant soldiers during D-Day and WW 2. The rights you enjoy and the rights you abuse were fought for by good men and women who died for you ungrateful morons. For your sins you deserve what is coming. I have no sympathy for people with no honor and when you realize what you have thrown away it will be to frigging late. When you snooze you loose homeboy and you’re going to loose big time. When money becomes worthless you will have betrayed your nation for nothing and will be fighting for a piece of fry-bread with the rest of us Injuns.

“A nation that forgets its heroes will itself be forgotten” and that is exactly what globalist intend to do is erase the memory of the struggle for democracy. Silly me, democracy and civil liberties are already in the dumpster along with our Bill of Rights and the Constitution. Good thing this is the time of change since the reign of global elitists will be short lived at best. As for prophecy, it’s moving along right on schedule.

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