Thursday, October 19, 2006

Forum News, Vues, and Schmooze…

Forum News, Vues, and Schmooze…


¨       NEW FORUM: “Calling All Filmmakers, Actors and Writers!” listing the latest calls for entries, casting news, filmmaking competitions, and more

¨       Native Voice Film Festival

¨       American Indian Film Festival Announces Its Schedule

¨       Yes, we talk about Adam Beach and Flags too:)

¨       First Nations Film & Video Festival to Feature Sleepdancer

¨       UP FOR DISCUSSION: Common Stereotypes of Natives in Film; What Obligation do Native Celebs Have as Role Models

¨       Billy Jack Returns. Yes, Billy Jack…

¨       Ann Little Running Deer’s latest contribution on Native humor

¨       And whatever else might be on your mind..:)




 Coming Soon in NativeVue

¨       Feature by Ernest Whiteman, Director of the First Nations Film & Video Festival

¨       Feature on Native Voice1 Radio Network

¨       Gary Robinson’s animated film, A Native Night Before Christmas

¨       Tracy Rector and Travis Tom from Longhouse Media

¨       Interview with the American Indian Film Institute’s Michael Smith

¨       The true-life drama, One Dead Indian

¨       Dream Makers documentary

¨       What’s so Funny? Humorist Drew Hayden Taylor explains it all

¨       Feature on Teachings of the Tree People

¨       The new (and very busy and determined) kid on the block, Darren Gordy

¨       Dennis Allen’s documentary, My Father, My Teacher

¨       More on life from the front lines… Misty Upham



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