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Buffalohair: Robert Moore, Proud DNC Moment

 Thu Aug 28, 2008 7:46 am    
Robert Moore, Proud DNC Moment

The Democratic National Convention’s opening ceremony was a show stopper as Robert Moore of the Rosebud Sioux Nation sang the national anthem. It was a moment of pride and dignity for me to watch one our own sing America’s sacred song to the world. I was taken back by the rush of emotions that ran through me as I reflected on the struggle of his people. Surely this was a proud moment for the Rosebud Sioux Nation. What a wonderful roll model for Indigenous youth too. He mesmerized the audience of 80,000 as well as the world with his powerfully beautiful voice. Truly a grand performance for this budding world class entertainer

Robert Moore’s medicine was good I do believe. After his rendition of the national anthem the convention seemed to move forward with an air of anticipation and some concern. We came to the first bug in the ointment. What was Hillary going to say? Is she going to start a riot or torpedo Obama’s run for office? Then, the grand dame of politics made a most rousing endorsement of Obama. You could feel the nervous anticipation of the crowd when Hillary began to speak. When it became all too apparent she was endorsing Obama with zeal, the crowd was ecstatic. Hillary closed a chapter in her life gracefully and took a giant step forward in her political career. With the media abuzz with rumors about Bill’s displeasure with his speech, sour grapes, etc. It was clear there was one more hurdle before the evening was complete.

Then came the moment of truth, President Clinton stepped up to the podium. To an ovation befitting a superstar Bill sent a convincing message of unity and endorsed Obama. It was almost an anticlimax since the world, moi included, speculated about the potential for a sour grapes speech thrusting the Democratic National Convention and the party into pandemonium. But the medicine was good and Bill made an energized endorsement for Obama. Barack Obama made a “Surprise” visit to the convention and the crowed went ballistic. People were screaming and waving banners. The secret service guys were the only ones not smiling….lol. It was a happy riot I guess. Well I’m glad the Democratic Party kissed and made up. People should be better sports when they loose anyway.

After the show was over my ma leaned over to me and said;

“That Native guy Moore, he has a very good voice. Why can’t you sing like that? His mother must be very proud of him”

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