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Buffalohair:Government fraud and the Indian Trust Debacle

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Government fraud and the Indian Trust Debacle

Since the Indian Trust was first imposed in 1887 the systematic process of eliminating documents, lineage and evidence had begun by industrial interest and the government as a whole. History books blatantly boasted of how unscrupulous railroad officials tampered with documents giving them 50 miles on either side of the railroad right of way rather than the 50 feet in essence robbing land from trusting Native leaders.

Since time immemorial I remember the story of the old school house that contained volumes of documents owning up to lineage, ownership and agreements with the US Government. Treaties, business agreements and ultimately the money itself had disappeared over the years along with the birth right of untold thousands whose records were destroyed. With out the federal government to enforce the agreements imposed by the 1887 Indian Trust Agreement billions of dollars in negotiated and agreed terms of reimbursement have gone unrecognized and unpaid. Fact is, in recent years yet another government building containing more documents related to this and other Native concerns went up in smoke destroying even more priceless documentation. What a coincidence eh.

Clearly the government and industry had a free for all during the first 100 years of this Indian Trust Disaster. When Elouise Cobell (Black Foot Nation) first filed the class action suite 11 years ago the government had already admitted to the wholesale mismanagement of the funds that were conservatively estimated to be $46 BILLION dollars. Judge Royce Lamberth was assigned the case and over time he proved to be a champion of the letter of the law. After growing impatient with government excuses and failure to address issues pertaining to the case and down right fraud he was quoted as saying about the governments conduct during the case;

"A shocking pattern of deception. I have never seen more egregious conduct by the federal government."

In July 2005 Lamberth wrote that the Department of Interior was;

"a dinosaur--the morally and culturally oblivious hand-me-down of a disgracefully racist and imperialist government that should have been buried a century ago,"

The Justice Department promptly had him removed. Judge James Robertson took over the case in 2007. Though siding with the plaintiffs he questioned the methodology of calculating the mismanaged funds that exceeded $40 billions dollars. Rather, he sided with industry and the government in calculating the debt owed and awarded $455 million bucks in spite of an earlier government offer of $7 billion dollars to settle the case. In short, the series of fires dating back from the old school house to a massive government building fire in recent years proved fruitful in the government’s commission of fraud. Justice was not served and the beat goes on.

For the complete story and documentation on this case I urge you to log onto site I have provided and read the complete transcript. It is very compelling to see how justice works when Indigenous people are concerned. Funny how 120 years of industries theft of natural resources including coal, gold, oil and other mineral resources have only accumulated a paltry $455 g’s. The stolen resources built a nation while leaving trusting business partners penniless and living in third world conditions. Then people have the gall to say Natives are always looking for a handout. If we were given what was promised and agreed to we would not be living in poverty in the first place.

What comes around goes around eh. Now we all are living with a rouge government who caters to the whims of industry. The core tenets of the Constitution are being systematically ignored and relegated to the scrap heap. But nobody is paying attention. We the people of the Indigenous World were just screwed big time proving one thing, “Lies prevail in the kangaroo courts of the federal system”, and you are next.

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