Sunday, August 10, 2008


From:  Red All Over Band

Date: Aug 10, 2008 2:43 AM

Body: A Bill Moyers report has been airing on PBS lately here in my area, (Nashville). And it's main subject is how large money market companies are deliberately targeting the poor and poverty stricken population in order to make some pretty large profits. And they're doing very, very well at it.

This practice has forced many blue collar, as well as some white collar workers into a financial state comparative to third world countries. In other words, they are robbing the poor to feed the rich.

In my personal experience I've seen this happen to some of my Native brothers and sisters, and I feel that they, in particular, may have been targeted very intensely on some occasions.

One of the companies included in this report was J.D. Byrider, as well as Payday Loans, Rent To Own stores, and even some health care related financial institutions. (yes, even the hospitals are getting in on the rip).

I would urge you all to watch this Bill Moyers report on PBS if you can get it in your area. It will explain it all better than I can, (or could in a MS bulletin).

There's nothing wrong with being poor. But, there's something terribly wrong when there are companies who are legally allowed to exploit the poor, and thereby forcing them into much deeper poverty in order to make a profit.

Watch the report,.... and avoid getting ripped off.

Blessings to all,
Randall Eating Bear

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 Play Here 0:10:31 ... fellows at the Brookings Institution published report culled from poverty opportunity. Now more companies were looking at low income Americans. As a very attractive business opportunity. ...

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