Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Buffalohair: Patriots, Reload Your Muskets

Patriots, Reload Your Muskets

Through the smoke I can still see Old Glory waving in the autumn air. It would appear the indomitable American Spirit has managed to fire off a salvo that caught the Corporatist Fascists off guard. Sorry boys, no Pay-Offs, I mean Bail-Outs today. Better reload before they fire off another volley of fear laden threats and extortion. But threats are meaningless at this juncture for most American’s anyway. The damage is already done and there is no saving the vast majority who’ve already lost it all.

As the enemies of Democracy and Freedom prepare for another frontal assault against the Constitution of the United States on Thursday, American’s need to make their voices heard and heard loud and clear. It’s time to let our representatives and congressmen know their jobs hang in the balance now. Give us back our country or end up in prison with the rest of the criminals who’ve betrayed this nation fore their day will come. Let history record the names of those who betrayed America and the Constitution of the United States of America. Let their signatures be evidence of their treason.

What really hangs in the balance in this Bail-Out debacle is the very core of what American is all about, democracy and the voice of the American people. If we loose our voice in this pivotal unlawful government intrusion America will cease to exist. America was founded on the principals of democracy, a nation of the people, by the people and for the people. If the absolute majority of the American population does not get their voices heard by our so called representatives it will be proof positive we are no longer a democracy. There is more at stake than a few bucks; it’s our last stand. Just remember we will be eating lots of fry bread and beans no matter which way the corporate ax falls.

Come to think about it, I already eat lots of fry bread and beans. My sister-in-law Lisa makes fry bread to die for eh. She’s Dakota and her people have been living in a recession for over 500 years. Hmm, so have mine. You get used to it. Guess I should not care either way about the loss of democracy in the US, but I do. I read the Constitution of the United States of America and it was quite a powerful and inspiring document. Though I have issues with our government and politicians I believe in the tenets of true democracy. This is not a dictatorship yet though it is getting dangerously close.

Talk about a bi-partisan voice eh. Does not matter what race, color or creed I’ve encountered, people were vocal about their opposition to the Bail-Out. It was heartening to see the nation united for a change. To bad the main stream media only shares the opinion of the corporatists on both sides of the fence who hunger for the tax payer dollar. “We the People” are not represented by the media. If congress signs the Bail-Out anyway at least democracy went down fighting and sadly 2008 will be the year the American people “officially” lost their voice.

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