Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Buffalohair: From Allen Greenspan to an Election to Nowhere

From Allen Greenspan to an Election to Nowhere

If only people would have paid attention to Allen Greenspan about the economy. He warned us about the reality of our grave financial future but nobody listened. Then there is political appointee Ben Bernacke who only postponed the inevitable downfall of the most elaborate pyramid scheme ever created, the stock market. Now, the fed is bailing out major money brokers who’ve squandered all the loot. Sadly, it’s John Q. Citizen who will foot the bill. It’s the same John Q. Citizen who is loosing their jobs, homes and future while multi-million dollar a year executives get a free pass for criminal mismanagement. Think about it for one second, here are the top mortgage brokerage houses in the nation with the most educated corporate heads in the free world. The billions they’ve spent on lobbying efforts have finally paid a gigantic dividend.


Some homeless mom gets 5 years in the joint for swiping a can of baby formula. Her kids get separated and sent to foster care only to endure abuses from foster parents more deserving of time in the slammer. Families lost their homes and forced on the streets only to fend for themselves. The very backbone of industries, are moving to other countries leaving an unemployed nation in its wake. But we will make sure top investors get their do while “the little people” watch in silent horror as their retirement investments, CD’s and various other gambling chips simply disappear. That’s what all these bail outs do it seems, pander to an absolute minority. And there sits China with all them Treasury Bills, what a game of chess eh, but that’s another story.


The loan sharking industry (Mortgage Market) gathered influence much like the insurance racket did. It bought influence through extensive lobbying efforts. Fannie Mae, Freddy Mac, AIG and Lehman Brothers Holdings took a dump and they are big players. Found it weird the feds did not bail out Lehman Brothers though. Must not have been part of that good ole boy network. From a street kids point of view the nation was taken by some good old bunko schemes and shy larks. Almost makes a wiseguy want to cry eh. It was just a caper but on a grand scale and they took Billions in the process. If anyone paid attention to Allen Greenspan you should also know it is far from over. Like a boil waiting to burst we are on the verge of total financial disaster. Like a virus this will spread around the global financial markets. This is the negative side of a One World Economical Block, which is what corporatists are building. LOL, all this stuff, economical disaster, totalitarian rule and Earth stuff is written in a bazillion prophecies as well. Just thought I’d throw that in, yea got to love it eh.


Since both presidential candidates and their VP’s are into the OneWorld Order thing there is no real relief in sight. Palin Shmalin, ain’t nothing but a meatball Paisan. No matter who wins, we loose and loose big time. Like I said, our political arena is likened to a cake. The only difference that will actually occur is the flavor of the frosting. Will it be vanilla or will it be chocolate? But once you pass the sugar frosting, it will be the same old rancid cake, Bon appetite’. On FOX Business Channel one announcer boldly said that out of this chaos and loss will rise a One World Economy. The New World Order is here folks and the chaos is its growing pains. Just be advised, Ma Earth holds the trump card in this stacked deck. This is better than a movie and it is well scripted too. We’re well into a tumultuous second act but from all indicators the third act is going to rock your socks off.


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