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Buffalohair: Thailand, PM Samak Sacked

Thailand, PM Samak Sacked

After Samak Sundaravej lost the support of the People Power Party he resigned as the PPP leader. Wracked with charges of corruption and exercising “Western Style Democracy” (a term used to describe Samak’s form of democracy), he finally stepped down after a wave of protest that all but shut down the nation. Acting Prime Minister of Thailand Somchai Wongsawat eased the “State of Emergency” Samak imposed on this nation noting, “We have analyzed that the situation is less serious and if we still maintain the state of emergency, it might damage the country” according to The Nation. The need to return to normalcy was apparent as the state of emergency was lifted.

Samak’s cozy relationship with fugitive ex PM Thaksin Shinawatra and tyrant Than Shwe of Burma did not help his cause one bit, let alone altering the Constitution. What was most striking was how the Peoples Alliance for Democracy (PAD) compared Samak’s corrupt regime to “Western Style Democracy”. With Samak ousted you’d think all is well in Thailand as normalcy returned but such is not the case. As if to exacerbate the situation the People Power Party (PPP) placed Somchai Wongsawat in the running for the Prime Ministers slot. Sadly, Somchai is the brother-in-law of Thaksin Shinawatra the other corrupt ex Prime Minister of Thailand. Cronyism American style for sure. Small wonder students of true democracy have sickened by the corrupt nature of this Western Form of Democracy, its not democracy it’s corporatism. The example of corrupt governmental mismanagement was scripted by the good ole USA. How sad that a nation that was once the positive example of freedom and liberty has become a pariah in the eyes of Democracy proponents.

From Than Shwe to the list of corrupt former and present Prime Ministers of Thailand their actions mimic our morally stagnant national political fiasco. Dump one creep and two come to fill in the void to insure the diseased corporate agenda prevails. Its all about power, money and control as far as this New World Agenda is concerned.

If one would take the time to see that every continent, except Antarctica, are in turmoil as this One World Agenda makes is appearance. Indigenous people world wide are under siege as corporate backed countries rape and pillage in the name of economics and the corporate bottom line. I just talked with one of my news correspondents in England and I was not surprised to hear they are in the exact same shape as us with housing starts at an all time low and banks ready to go kaput. Are we this blind that we can’t see a world wide connection with mega corporations, natural resources and the total disregard for the citizens of the world? It’s us and them race, nation and creed has nothing to do with it for it’s the corporatists against the world and they are amassing wealth beyond imagination.

Than Shwe of Burma, is nothing more than a puppet for the corporate interests who are stripping Burma of her natural resources. Than Shwe’s homeboys Thaksin, Samak and Somchai are nothing more than a mirror image of America’s corporate leadership, including King George W. Bush and his cronies. Bush and the crew are the poster boys of a Corrupt Criminal Empire better known as the New World Order. Just smokes my shorts to know Both Obama and McCain are pro New World Odor, just stinks eh. Samak/Thaksin, Obama/McCain, Hitler/Mussolini or Custer/Chivington? Excuse me while I puke.

Corporatism is a cancer and the good people of Thailand are not buying into it. It’s just too bad Americans don’t have the balls to defend their own constitution. It’s to bad Americans don’t have the moxie to speak their minds and make a stand for freedom and democracy, anymore. Viet Nam made a stand against speculators on rice futures to protect their citizens. America did nothing to save her citizenry from price gouging speculators as they destroyed families, business and the American Dream. Fact is the Enron Loophole that allowed for corruption and speculation on a grand scale has yet to be addressed. I’ll bet those mucky mucks in D.C. are hoping we the people have forgotten it by now.

My take on all this is quite simple, it’s all connected and most likely there is a bigger conspiracy than we can comprehend at this juncture. It’s the people of the world against a cancer called Corporatism better known as “The New World Order”. Take a gander at the world around you. Funny how race and religion has become a viable reason to hate these days. The media at large has become the masters of Double Speak and blatant lies about almost everything we read and hear. Eventually, independent journalist such as me will be forced off line and silenced forever. Some will be dead, others will be in jail or Gulag and others will be labels “Terrorists” under GW Bushes executive orders or did you forget about those two executive orders giving the president of the United States of America;

1. Absolute power to do as he wishes around the world with no regard to sovereignty, and I mean anything.

2. Giving the President absolute power to do as he wishes within the borders of the United States with no regard to the Constitution, period.

From the War Powers Act to Spying on American’s George W. Bush single handedly destroyed the core tenets of the United States and the free world. We have become the classic example of the negative side effects of capitalism and democracy. Countries who once dreamed of democracy now struggle with corruption. We wonder why Burma, Somalia, Darfur and now Thailand are in such a political state of emergency. Dare I mention the chaos corporate greed caused in South America? Or do you care? Don’t matter anyway fore it is in your back yard now. Believe what you see, not what they want you to see, they meaning the corporate owned media. So now you know what the Thai PAD group is calling Western Style Democracy. Again I must reiterate that we are not living in a democracy anymore. Bada Bing, Bada Bang, Bada Boom. It’s all about the money Paisan, its all about the money.

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