Saturday, September 27, 2008

Buffalohair: Now What?

Now What?

Nothing, it’s already a done deal no matter what we want to believe. There are no champions of the American people, or the world, anymore. The Constitution is being ignored by both political parties in favor of Corporatism and the New World Order, like it or not. Hammering out a deal in this Bail-Out is criminal at best as we succumb to extortion. After observing the desperation in the politician’s eyes on both sides of the fence it’s all too apparent they are invested in these troubled markets. Believe me; we are of no concern to them at this juncture. They are struggling to save their empires and they will stoop to any depths to save their personal fortunes, anything. Starting wars for fun and profit is the standard operating procedure these days. So beware just in case GW declares war on Santa Barbara, California or something.

Ideology or no ideology we must be prepared to tighten our belts and hunker down for the impending storm fore this Bail-Out will do little for us. You don’t have to share my opinions but just prepare especially if you have family. Natural events will add to the mix of fun and games as we enter the next phase of this time of change though. What we take for granted now will be a luxury in the future. Simple preparation like having water containers to haul your water will be a good one eh. Maybe electricity will take a dump as well, then what? Hygiene should be an absolute priority, we simply need to be more self sufficient and innovative if we plan to survive the hard times ahead. Would not be the first time America or the world faced such a daunting challenge though. The Depression/Dust Bowl Era was a very humbling time but America became a stronger nation for it. Like a Phoenix, out of the rubble of financial ruin rose the leader of the free world and a champion of democracy, The United States of America. Maybe she will rise again once we stop feeding this corporate cancer called the One World Order.

The Bail-Out or Pay-Off will do little for the working class who’ve already lost their jobs and homes. The damage is done to the real Americans. Businesses have already been placed on the auction block while corporations moved their manufacturing facilities to third world countries. Like one homeless woman told me, “We already lost our voice”.

I reflect on the stories I’ve already written “Homeland and Homeland 2” and how the average American was excluded from the democratic process. I remembered the New Homeless who were traveling to relations or simply wandering aimlessly trying to understand why they lost their homes and jobs. Americans having to sell off their prized personal possessions to garner gas money to finish their journey made my heart ache. Then to interview them only to discover they were like lost children. Many people were still in a state of shock over loosing their jobs. I remember this gentleman who showed me degree after degree; his portfolio was quite impressive but not impressive enough to keep his company from down sizing and moving their engineering department to a Third World Country. In four months he lost his job, home and eventually his family. It was only a few short months ago when I met these jobless Americans. And I know there were many more I did not manage to see. The damage is already done and America has been bankrupt.

Interestingly enough my advice goes out to the good people of the world since they are caught in this spider web of corporate greed and this One World Garbage. With world lending giants in a fix, housing markets in the toilet and nations plunged into an economical abyss it is obvious this is more than coincidental. Everyone hates a conspiracy but I contend all this financial turmoil was staged and part of the grand scheme to usher in the savior, “A One World Economy” better known as the corporate take over of the world. Mussolini’s dream of Corporatism has come to pass, lock stock and tomahawk. Come on, with world leaders doing as they wish and not the will of their people we all have been living in a dictatorship for quite some time. George W. Bush finished off America and the very core of the Constitution as he and his gang ransacked America’s coffers and lined the pockets of corporate interests. World leaders who’ve followed GW’s lead did the same thing to their countries. GB’s PM Brown is getting anxious while Sarkozy has fitful dreams of the French Revolution. Partners in crime, they have guilt written all over them. Who else eh?

How far beyond stupid are we anyway? Just from a business standpoint it would be a stupid investment to buy bad notes and delinquent mortgages. Gads, they are already in default. How much worse should they be? So we are going to invest in bad securities. By purchasing these bad notes is the United States of America going to become the biggest collections agency in the world? Are the people who’ve defaulted going to be taken to debtor’s prison, loose their licenses and have property ceased whence they can’t pay Uncle Sam? Think about it for one second. Something has to happen to these delinquent notes and you better believe the IRS and the US Treasury will want to get their hands on these delinquent bank notes and foreclosures, that is a given. Garnishments of payroll and income tax returns will be a given I’ll wager. Ironically the very corrupt and tyrannical stewardship the colonist’s band together and defeated has returned. Remember something called the Revolutionary War? I also found it ironic colonists had a Mad King George as well. I wonder if GW’s pee is blue, hmm.

I worked in the collections field back in the day and it’s always worked out like this. The selling of bad notes goes to various collections entities who bid on blocks of bad debts. Once they are sold the debts are processed for further collections. Notes don’t just disappear; by selling these notes in this Bail-Out corporate embezzlers will get a free pass as the bulk of the financial burden is passed back to the tax payer. It’s a financial pardon and a get out of jail free card big time for an absolute minority who’ve robbed America blind. Sadly their tyranny has already spread across the globe like a flesh eating strep. Oh well, to bad so sad. Maybe people will figure it out or maybe not. Ain’t nothing but a meatball Paisan. Bad Guys 1, Good Guys 0.

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