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Buffalohair: A Week of Hero’s

A Week of Hero’s

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Nothing exemplifies the American Spirit better than the successful rescue of the Maritime Captain Richard Phillips by our Navy Seals from pirates. But there is much more to this story fore it was a hero’s tale.

From the moment pirates decided to capture a container ship their fate was sealed in their own blood. Unwittingly they chose the wrong ship to play out their act of extortion. It was ironic this ship was filled with aid for an impoverished African country though. None the less, they boarded this vessel and tried in vain to take on this crew of sailors. Heroically this American crew repelled the armed marauders and was not going to be captured by anybody.

Sadly the captain was taken hostage in an effort to save his unarmed crew but so was one of the pirates. The crew and the pirates bartered to exchange prisoners. When the pirates reneged on the deal after their cohort was delivered the stalemate continued. The pirates revealed something that should be noted, they have absolutely no honor and their word is meaningless.

These pirates also revealed something to the world as well, the American Spirit is still alive and that we are the most unorthodox people on Earth. Our politicians should well take notice as well since it is this unorthodox and unconventional spirit that won world wars and faced down insurmountable odds. We don’t always do as we are told and when we are backed into a corner we will be like the mighty badger and fight like there is no tomorrow. When American’s had enough, they had enough. They will fight and fight hard and it took the crew of the container ship Maersk Alabama to reveal what American’s are really all about. The captain and his crew are AMERICAN heroes on many levels.

A high seas adventure would not be complete without the US Navy coming to the rescue and they came with a vengeance. The crew of the Maersk Alabama was at an impasse. The pirates reneged on the prisoner exchange but the US Navy had other plans. With the green light from President Obama the Navy mustered our elite Seals to end this act of extortion. With surgical skill the Seals made the day for these punks as one of them pointed an AK 47 at the back of Captain Phillips. Mess with the best and die with the rest.

It is clear these pirates drew first blood and perpetrated this crime on the high seas in the first place. So it is beyond stupid they are threatening revenge for our actions to save Captain Phillips life. Knowing these pirates have no honor at all should be an indicator that they are not to be bargained with. Their declaration of war against America over our rescue should not be taken lightly. The attempted assassination of American Congressman Donald Payne in Mogadishu, Somalia the day after the rescue is an act of war. This also shows a more ominous connection with the pirates on a national scale as a whole.

In any event it was good to hear that Captain Richard Phillips was rescued and American’s still have the grit to make a stand. As for the US Navy Seals, they kick ass.

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