Thursday, April 30, 2009

ADAM BEACH and his new Online TV network 2009

Here is what Adam says on his MYSPACE BLOG page about his new venture...."Hello everybody! I am introducing you to a virtual cable television network called OVNTV, and coming soon to their channels is the first virtual cable channel dedicated to Native Americans.

I want everyone to check out It's the first internet television network of its kind, and it will be the first to feature Native channels. A press release will come soon for everyone who has Native content to provide to these channels so we can hear your story. My whole life I've been trying to give the true perspective of who we are, and now our aspiring Native filmmakers have a place for the world to access their content. Finally we will be able to create and present our image from our perspective for the world to see...And it's FREE! -- OVN currently requires Internet Explorer 6+ and Windows XP or Vista, but the Mac version is coming soon." -- Please click on the picture for OVNTV!

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