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Buffalohair: Arnold Terminates California

Arnold Terminates California

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Kally and Arnie

Predictable Arnold Steroid Schwarzenegger bankrupted California while using flawed and in accurate data about the environment. Apparently he did not bother to utilize available data to verify the qualifications of his lead environmental advisor *Hien T. Tran Ph.D of UC Davis. This is not the only inept official misguiding Arnie by the way. As you well know California imposed the most ridged regulations on diesel engines and industry as a whole plunging California’s industries into a financial tailspin, all on flawed and inaccurate data. Some say this was intentional since many industries moved to China on the heels of Arnie’s bogus regulations. Guess it’s OK to lie when it comes to the environment and nasty American’s.

Now in desperation Arnie is trying to sell off California’s assets and prisons to meet the budget crisis he was responsible for causing. As he was destroying California’s infrastructure he was pandering to Mexico (NAFTA) and the new deep water port in Baja California for a source of revenue. He singlehandedly crippled the container and trucking industry in California with outrageous demands on truckers placing many out of business. Over the road drivers were forced to buy new trailers as well as new trucks in order to comply with these misbegotten regulations or face stiff fines. Cities in California got into the hate truckers axiom by imposing even more regulations and stiff penalties to garner funds for the local coffers.

Imagine being forced to stay in a truck during a blistering heat wave without being able to use the air conditioner. That is a law since trucks are not allowed under any conditions to idle in order to keep the truck habitable. California has placed American truckers on alert with outrageous fines for just about everything just to garner a cash flow. The California Highway Patrol has become Arnold’s hit men as they seek out fault and impose fines on hard working individuals. Minor infractions in other states become $1,000 jackpots for California’s coffers while pushing up the cost of freight and produce around the country.

If you did not know, California is a major producer of produce for Canada and the US. Trucks from all points in the northern hemisphere converge on this state during harvest time’s to feed the nation. Truckers have become public enemy number one in the eyes of law enforcement as they assisted Arnold in collecting fines on hapless drivers. Corruption from many agencies has plagued the trucking industry with criminals working at several ports of entry in Northern and Southern California. They falsified inspection reposts on safety issues on trucks causing drivers to shell out millions of dollars in illegal fines and bogus repairs. California has chosen to arrest drivers for minor infractions simply to garner hefty fines while destroying a persons driving career.

The heretic mentality that has evolved against truckers is absolutely shameful. Apparently California government officials don’t remember or care about all the trucks that helped build that state. Orange County was a classic example when years ago it was covered with orange fields and cottage industries. It was truckers who helped these little industries compete in the world market through LTL or “Less Than a Truckload” pick up and delivery of their goods with reasonable freight fees. Drivers would go from one customer to another making many stops to make a full load then drive cross country to deliver them in other states. This is what built the major corporations in Orange Counties today. Contrary to popular belief it was the independent truckers who helped build these industries not some railroad owned trucking firm fore they did not exist back then.

Small wonder California is faced with an economical crisis. California has cursed itself and now faces several catastrophes including a drought that will add to Arnold’s grief. By crippling industries with bogus data he has destroyed California’s infrastructure and a once booming economy. Ironically President Barack Obama is using Arnold’s false and inaccurate data to formulate his green campaign against industry and soon America will face the same plight as California. Don’t you find it kind of odd that America is crippling their own industries sending them to third world countries to pollute even more with no restrictions? Aren’t we all on the same planet anyway? China has given us the finger when it comes to the **environmental agenda and other third world nations will follow suite, there is no question.

So now we have heavy polluters moving to third world countries where there are no environmental laws what so ever. This is obviously counterproductive to say the least since these corporations will not have to abide by the laws they once did in the USA. We grow broke while making other nations rich as they pollute with no restrictions. And it was all done on bogus and inaccurate data all along. How far beyond stupid are we? It’s all about the money and profits for an absolute minority of people. This is the ugly reality as the planet goes global in the greatest scam in world history. Sure we need to be more responsible with the environment but by simply moving the industry to a nation with no laws what so ever smacks of stupid. Cheap labor with no labor laws or concerns for worker safety is a fringe benefit for international corporations who move to these third world countries. China has 80 million slaves that work in China’s gulag program, such a deal. All that will be positively affected by the mass exodus of industries from the United States and Canada will be the corporate bottom line. It’s Globalization or Corporatism at it’s best and we were asleep at the wheel.



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