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Buffalohair: Akwesasne Mohawks Stand Their Ground

Akwesasne Mohawks Stand Their Ground

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Photo Rebecca Zandbergen/CBC
Photo Rebecca Zandbergen/CBC

The Canadian Border Services Agency reopened the *Seaway International Bridge between Cornwell and the Akesasne Mohawk Nations after a 15 hour stand off. At issue was the Canadian governments proposed issuing firearms to the guard detail. With tensions already at an all time high tribal residence feared this would only lead to bloodshed since they already suffered harassment from the guards as it were.

According to John Boots of the Akwesasne Mohawk Nation;

”They’re so nasty and harassing our people that we can almost feel … their finger being itchy on the trigger,”

Earlier, tribal members protested this blatant violation of their tribal sovereignty while increasing the chances of deadly confrontations by government authorities. This caused guards to blockade the bridge for 15 hours while tribal leaders and authorities then hammered a solution to this potentially volatile situation.

Plagued with assaults and acts of intimidation by the CBSA in the past, arming the guards sent an ominous message to the community. The list of atrocities perpetrated by the government authorities is comparable to the government of Burma and its acts of brutality. Providing weapons would surely escalate the probability of racially motivated shootings where beatings once prevailed. Almost to the day, a year earlier guards savagely beat two elder women on this infamous crossing leaving a bad taste in the mouths of this tribal nation.

The reopening of the bridge was a relief to the residence since life could get back to normal. News of the reopening was welcomed by loud cheers from protesters. The government authorities pulled all their guards out of the area for safeties sake according to according to Ron Moran, Customs and Immigration Union leader.

It is astounding to note indigenous people must still endure racial hatred in an era where civil liberties and human rights are purported by nations of the so called free world. Sadly this type of activity still exists throughout the America’s but rarely reported by the mainstream press. In a New World Order where economics out weighs the concerns of human rights and civil liberties, events like this will undoubtedly continue to occur as the world looks the other way.

Ironically, the Mohawks are but a microcosm as governments of the world continue these silent acts of hatred against the indigenous populations on every continent of the globe. From Rangoon to Rapid City the silent war continues and the cries of fellow human beings go unnoticed by an ambivalent world. Only when tyranny has come full circle will mankind realize the totality of their indifference but by then it will be too late.


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