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Buffalohair: Earth Changes and Fry Bread

Earth Changes and Fry Bread

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Destiny is destiny and we are moving along at a brisk pace these days as prophecies from around the world come to pass. Though the physical aspects of global change abound and are qualified by modern science there is little regard for the paranormal aspects that are coming as well.

I hate the term paranormal since it carries such a negative connotation to a vital aspect of our reality. If a person actually read the books of their respective dogmas they would discover their works are filled with so called paranormal events. Interfacing with the spirit world was a commonly excepted notion back in the day. The Bible and other dogmatic works have addressed with detail how one should deal with both good and bad spirits. They also warned them about entities of evil and how to combat them as well. Whizz-bang ideology, I don’t think so.

Relegated to superstition and folklore the supernatural has been set aside by modern man for the most part, to their peril. The spirits who caused such mayhem in scriptures and Sanskrit have not simply disappeared with the advent of the Industrial Revolution. The very same forces that’ve wreaked havoc on the ancients are very much alive and living in at least two plains of existence including ours. Like it or not we are still very much intertwined with the spirit world, just blind as hell to this reality.

You can green up all you want to but from a scientific stand point of view civilization as a whole has gone beyond the point of no return environmentally speaking. The stark reality of carbon emissions points to nature itself as volcanoes and fissures within the Earth belches millions of tons of a variety of toxic contaminants daily, far overshadowing the pittance man has produced. But if corporate interests found a way to make a buck on volcano emissions there would be no doubt the populations of the world would be financing the construction of catalytic converters atop Kilauea and other active volcanoes. That is not to say mankind should not have polluted like they did by any means. But what it does mean is that we are destined to experience catastrophes only the survivors of the last Earth Change did.

Back in Oklahoma where my people reside awareness of the impending Earth Changes is common knowledge and we only comment on events in passing. My aunt and *12 other grandmothers have traveled the globe warning of the impending times we face. So for the most part we know change is upon us at this juncture as the teachings from our elders coming to pass. The signs are everywhere yet the world has their noses buried in foolishness or conjuring ways to make money and ignoring the obvious. According to prophecy money and material wealth will be meaningless anyway. Oh well, to bad, so sad eh.

If people were as spiritual as they claim they would already know how to survive all the doomsday scenarios that flood the airwaves these days. No, it does not require that you live in underground tombs with vast supplies of guns and food. For that matter that’s just not the place to be since the Earths crust will be very unstable at the very least. There is no one place that will not be touched by change but it is up to the individual to know where to go whence the time comes to leave. This is where their spirituality comes in since they will be forewarned but in many cases people will only freak out when the messenger comes a calling. Why, because they never really paid attention to the words of wisdom written within the texts of their respective dogmas, plain and simple. If they did they would know there is more to life on Earth than just the here and now. They would also know the spirit world is alive and teaming with spirits of all kinds. And most important of all, they would know which spirits to trust and which ones to ignore. If Moses thought in contemporary terms his people would have been long gone with only a mention in the Dead Sea Scrolls, capice?

As for me, I will undoubtedly be with my people during the more virulent times ahead. Most likely we will be having a social or give away. Stewart and the boys will be playing the drum while our singers sing those ancient songs we love. I’ll be dancing my butt off whence they call for gourd dancers. All my relations will be celebrating Mother Earth’s cycle as prophecy comes to pass. If we don’t survive this time on Earth at least we took our journey together. But by some chance we do survive it will be business as usual since I doubt we will notice much change. Only difference will be the fact the world will be humbled and I guess we will have to teach the survivors how to make fry bread.


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