Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Inappropriate Marketing tool for Alcoholic beverages

This was posted on myspace today. thought several of you might want the infor to act on as much as I did. I was appalled by what I saw in the photo.
From: glenda รข˜…deer
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Date: Jun 16, 2009 12:19 PM
Subject: Inappropriate Marketing tool for Alcoholic beverages

fwd from Dave N

Below is an image that is being utilized as a marketing tool for selling alcoholic beverages. The business is located in Longview, Texas. We came upon this imagery while traveling back to Oklahoma from a Memorial ceremony in Fort Pike, Slidell, LA., to honor our ancestors who died on the "Trail of Tears". We had stopped for refueling at the Shell station which is also a truck stop called the "TEXAS BEST SMOKEHOUSE III". Cynthia, became enraged when she came upon this, and we brought this ceramic figurine to the attention of the manager. We attempted to educate the manager, and he made an apology to us, however, a young non-Indian man was laughing and snickering while we were attempting to educate (which is also inappropriate, while we were serious). Which enraged my wife even more. Now, whether or not they actually kept the figurine off the shelf or not, we don't know. If you are inclined to comment to the owner of the chain of stores, please feel free. I have supplied all points of contact for the "TEXAS BEST SMOKEHOUSE III" below. Also, please forward to all that would be helpful to educate this Business.

"Racism continues at all levels."

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Amer Khalousi (owner)
16243 HWY 271N
TYLER, TX. 75708
Phone: 903-877-0800
FAX: 903-877-0802
Cell: 903-363-7655

Dave Narcomey, Citizen - Seminole Nation, Oklahoma.
General Council Member, Seminole Nation
American Indian Activist
Business Owner

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