Friday, May 6, 2011

Buffalohair, Al Qaeda is going to Retaliate? What about the Last 10 years?

Al Qaeda is going to Retaliate? What about the Last 10 years? Just when you thought the news could not get any dumber then the media flashes a blurb that Al Qaeda is going to retaliate for the killing of Osama bin Laden. Umm, well aren’t we at war with these Bozo’s already? Maybe someone should send them a communiqué and remind them we are still in the midst of heated combat. Those are not canneries flying past their windows, they are drones. We’ve given up our civil rights already so I guess in response we will simply just eliminate what is left of our Bill of Rights and the Constitution that will show them. As for being safer, now we have to contend with trigger happy cops eager to try out their tasers if we blink suspiciously or mention fava beans.

Though we’ve bombed the Mideast into the Stone Age killing civilians by the gaggle Americas have taken a major hit since we now live in a paranoid society that has become afraid of their own shadow. We are the chicken nation, cluck, cluck, cluck. Homeland Security has Americans spying on Americans while the Taliban laughs all the way to the bank and now little Joey Zimmermann gets felt up at the airport. We live in lock-down conditions and everyone is a suspect in this upside down convoluted form of government. G.W. ushered in the unconstitutional PATRIOT ACT and now tyranny reigns. If that were not bad enough Obama quietly renewed this travesty of government and wrote in a few more pages and he’s a constitutional attorney. How far beyond stupid is that? Guess we now know why he was a community organizer and chair folder. Gads, I hate this proxy Bush third term but the military industrial complex and all its investors love it. So do speculators and the banking communities. Dare I mention all the third world dictators who continue to receive billions in US taxpayer’s money while we scrounge around in dumpsters for sustenance?

The frosting on the cake surely is the threat from alleged Al Qaeda lackeys that America faces retaliation for whacking bin Laden, paleeze. Maybe these buttheads should head back to the Mideast and catch a glimpse of what is happening because it would appear these guys are living on another planet. Maybe they are hanging out with them space dorks who share technology with pinheads and murderers back on earth. 10 years transpired since G.W.’s War came into being, under false pretenses thanks to Donald Rumsfeld. Many of our kids died in the process already and you have to wonder what everyone is thinking and if they are capable of sound logic. Obviously everyone has their heads up their posterior and is incapable of thinking outside of political correctness and corporate profits. So Osama is dead, what’s the excuse gong to be now? Maybe we’ll invent another noble cause to finish off the rest of our youthful population and spend millions more on smart bombs that still kill civilians.

I can see it now, Al Qaeda made another threat and it’s the Americans who will bare the brunt of more laws that restrict civil liberties and quash what is left of the Constitution of the United States of America. Guess we will have to go to the airport naked and prepare for cavity inspections like in county jail. The reality is, Al Qaeda and the Taliban deployed a Weapon of Mass Destruction and everybody missed it because it was dropped on our Constitution decimating democracy as we once knew it. But I guess you missed it, oh well.

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