Friday, May 6, 2011

Buffalohair, Is Osama Dead Or What?

Is Osama Dead Or What?

After listening to miles of blarney from the mainstream media I went from believing Osama is dead to wondering if Osama is chatting with Saddam at a resort in Macau. It all started out OK with all the hype and excitement over whacking Osama bin Laden but when all the smoke cleared I wondered deep inside, “Is this just another political stage production?” The convenient excuse machine began to pump excuse after excuse then red flags went up. But really, how would showing pictures of a dead Bin Laden be more inflammatory to Al Qaeda then physically killing their spiritual leader? They would be madder than a hornet’s nest if he were actually killed, picture or no picture.

As per usual the media began their campaign of stacking story after story until the news began to contradict each other but by then there was no telling what the truth was, good ploy though. In fact this whole bin Laden thing stinks to high heaven and sadly there is no one with credibility we can trust to give us the straight facts. We may hear what we want to hear but cold hard facts are not in the equation these days. I felt bad for press secretary Jay Carney because he had that “I peed in the swimming pool” look big time. Obama should have said nothing for he is not the greatest prevaricator of all time either. If there was a legitimate reason for concealing the photo they blew that one out of the water and it’s all down hill from here.

The alleged shooting of Osama bin Laden has taken on the persona of an elaborate political event that degraded to the level of a cheesy sideshow. Snake oil salesmen out in force spinning their yarns in classic convincing flare. Eventually a version everyone finds palatable will become the new truth. Facts and details that don’t fit the new version will fade from focus and ultimately out of mind. Whether or not bin Laden was killed a few days or years ago and if he was even killed will not matter in the grand scheme of things. If Osama showed up at a 7-11 in Burbank after closing time at the Copacabana I would not be surprised. I’d just buy my politically incorrect pack of cigarettes and be on my way. Hopefully his entourage would be reasonably sober and avoid stumbling onto my motorcycle spilling their Mai Tai’s on my paint job. Gads, I hate that.

Come to think of it that bogus execution video of Saddam Hussein also sucked. With all the spiffy digital cameras available you would think someone used a real camera instead of a pixilated cell phone cam for the execution of the century. Well maybe the execution of the decade since now we have bin Laden’s field execution. His hanging left a lot to be desired also since it was just too full of flaws and dead space for me. It looked stupid so it was stupid. But hind sight is 20/20 and it is clear this was another questionable death of a very prolific dictator. Someone should have loped Saddam’s cabeza off and place it on the hood of his Volvo. Then maybe I might have bought into his death. He might be in Kennebunkport Maine with Osama bin Laden playing shuffleboard. I bet Saddam would have gotten up in a quick hurry if someone started carving on his throat after the hanging. If Osama was actually killed a few days ago then the government did a bang up job of botching up this simple PR job by making things appear very conspiratorial. Befuddled and besmirched by inconsistent rhetoric credibility has become mote indeed and this has turned into a photo op assassination. The victims and survivors, left out in the cold again.

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