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Buffalohair, Harold Camping: False Prophet or False Messenger?

Buffalohair, Harold Camping: False Prophet or False Messenger?

Harold Camping: False Prophet or False Messenger?

Predictably the earth did not end on May 21st but the residual after affects continue. People managed to sell or give away their worldly belongings, quite their lucrative jobs, garner massive debt and even kill their children under the stewardship of some bonehead named Harold Camping. But for all intents and purposes Harold did not sell or give away anything and still lives in the lap of luxury in spite of his grave predictions. How far beyond stupid is that eh?

There is no question we are living in the time of great change but it’s not the end of the world like so many people are predicting, just change. People toss this grave prediction on a multitude of ancient prophecies but I fear they lost the true message. In some cases opportunists have chosen to profiteer from the changes that are ever encroaching on mankind. From an indigenous point of view it’s not the end of the world but it’s an end of a cycle plain and simple.

There are dire consequences to mans inhumanity to man and prophecies have foreseen many dynamic earth changes on many plains of existence but the obliteration of earth is just not one of them. It is all survivable. In fact: throughout the world a multitude of dogmas and ideological principles have provided the secret to surviving the turbulent times that lay ahead. Change has already begun and man is powerless to stop the inevitable. Mans contribution to this change is mot on a physical plain but dynamic on a spiritual one. Of course this aspect of mans contribution is an intangible one but very real from a spiritual point of view, plain and simple.

It is up to the individual to seek out their own covenant within their respective dogma or ideological principle and only through this will they find the so called secrets of survival. But in a lemming society people will be lead by the nose to their own destruction for this is in a multitude of prophecies as well. For my people this is simply another sign of the era in which we live for this is the time of change, there is no question. If only people would heed this message but alas more human beings will succumb to such follies and false profiteers in the days and months to come.
Call it the lone wolf ideology if you will because running with the pack is sure to glean a bitter harvest. Within my culture our medicine or sacred people only provide us with the tools to seek out our spirituality since it is up to the individual to find their sacred covenant. We walk with a clear understanding that we are surrounded by a multitude of spirits and it does not matter if they are celestial or spiritual for we only classify them as either good or evil. Buttheads that whizz around in techno-mechanical contraptions or float through walls and junk are of no real relevance to us since we simply blow them off if they run their mouths about stupid stuff. If they ask or threaten us we simply utilize the tools we were taught since childhood and poof they are OUT OF HERE. You can’t go ga ga over some lame spirit or other being just because they say so or allow fear to dictate your response because you will be toast, capice?

Ole Harold Camping is still learning that hard lesson I’ll wager. I don’t really think Hal is a false prophet but truly a misguided one who did not bother the check his messenger to see if it was the right one. He must have gotten all ga ga when some dork spirit talked to him or moved an ashtray around or something. You must make sure you are being guided by good spirits and have faith when you ask if the spirit is cool. It’s that absolute faith deal I keep rambling on about in all my writings and it’s universal throughout all dogmas and ideological principles of the universe. But it’s absolute faith on a personal level not absolute faith as dictated by another man. You must dial direct within your respective dogma or ideological principal to obtain true spirituality. The lemming mentality will surely kill you. Be a lone wolf for survival rests in your hands alone.

The key to surviving the times that lay ahead is there for all to see and it is not a secret requiring reams of books to figure out either. You just have to pay attention to your sacred books or oral traditions and walk a good way. Mans influence on the religions of the world was a negative one from the very start since they used religion as an excuse to kill others for material consequence. They have polluted their own sacred texts and penciled in a multitude of contradictions just so they could control the masses. But there are dogmas and ideological principles that continue to adhere to the core tenets of their sacred axioms. It is my firm belief all religions had solid foundations in true spirituality for there is no wrong religion only mans interpretations of them like in the case of whizz-bang Camping or the other creepazoids who purport to have exclusivity within their respective dogma or ideological principle. Wake up and smell the fry-bread for Pete’s sakes.

Unfortunately it was also prophesized that the majority of humanity would choose to follow the Pied Pipers of deception to their doom while following the axiom of stupid. So I guess this story is for the minority of the people of the earth regardless of the tint of their flesh and the dogma or ideological principle they endear. Material wealth will soon be of no consequence as the times become more virulent but common sense and a little bit of absolute faith within ones chosen dogma will determine ones destiny. You can run but you can’t hide from this era we live, even in death, because we all must pay our chosen due no matter what quarter or plain of existence we reside in. Been there, done that for I had to learn the hard way and for some reason I’m here to tell this tale. And I’m not alone for there are a multitude of other messengers from not only the indigenous world but throughout the universe who have seen and experienced what I did. I call it the “Big Slap” because my ego got its ass kicked when I had my near death experience, holay! It was sort of bitchen because I am now comfortable within my dogma big time and look to the future with promise for all of humanity for the meek shall inherit the earth when it is all said and done.

Common sense dictates that people must be prepared to fend for themselves with a back pack you can grab when danger approaches because governments of the world will soon be powerless to cope with the waves of disasters that continue to cleanse the planet. On a good day the Federal Emergency Management Agency is fighting an up hill battle to assist the general public since it just takes time to garner all the resources needed. You must be prepared to survive for at least a week before assistance can even make its way to your location depending on the event you experience. Compound this with a multitude of disasters in a multi state region and resources will be strained at best.

Your life will truly be in your own hands and you will not have anyone to blame but yourself if the crappola hits the fan in your region of the planet. Combine the physical aspect of survival with your spiritual dogmatic covenant and you will have the razors edge in survivability in your hip pocket and know which spirits are cool. You must take your destiny into your own hands if you remotely plan to survive the era in which we live. And if you have elders or kids in your care you must prepare for their survival as well. Take it for what it’s worth but an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Your Devil’s Advocate

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