Wednesday, July 2, 2008

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Lemming Are Us

Funny how the main stream media quashed the story about Scott McClellan’s new book; “What Happened, Inside the Bush Whitehouse and Washington’s Culture of Deception”. Guess the ramifications of what was reveled would have altered the course of George Bush’s presidency and the nation. So what if he lied and sent the US into an unjust war only for fun and profit. So what if all our greatest fears were true and now America face extinction while the new North American Union destroys national sovereignty in three nations. (NAFTA) It’s all about corporatism and the pursuit of money regardless of the consequences like the total disregard of the Constitution of the United States of America.


Funny how states and municipalities are raising the fees for minor in fractions to generate more revenue, there is no forgiveness in this culture. At least there is no forgiveness or compromise if you’re just a commoner eh. But if you’re of the elite class and you violate laws and ethics you get nothing more than a harsh word or censor. What’s that all about?


Ah but who is paying attention anyway? The courts cater to big business and even landmark court decisions are quashed to benefit corporations such as the case in the Decision in the Exxon Valdez oil spill. The courts simply dumped the original award to the beleaguered fisherman and others who were dependant on the sea. Fact is they cut the settlement from billions to millions. We don’t want to gouge the poor oil companies now do we. So what if the damage altered ecosystems permanently and people went broke in the process. John Q Citizen would not get such a break in the courts these days. It would be stiff penalties or jail time for minor infractions of any law or code and they would pay dearly. On the other hand corporations and the elite class can get away with murder literally. They say ignorance of the law is no excuse but this only pertains to us at the bottom of the corporate food chain, the consumer.


With the nation about to experience a food shortage in astronomical proportions you’d think our leadership would be preparing it’s citizenry for the impending shortages of

wheat, rice, corn and other food stuffs. But that would mean people would have to become more self sufficient as they fend for themselves and their families. With growers struggling with the high of fuel as well as the truckers who deliver these food stuffs it’s only a matter of time before the cost is relayed to the customer. After all, people can’t work for free.


To add to the impending food disaster is the drought that struck California. This will also add to the matrix of the impending food crisis since California is a major player in fruits and veggies. In financial ruin California has mandated more harassment of truckers in order to glean more fines and penalties for truckers. The public at large are being targeted for more and stiffer fines as well in an effort to fill the coffers of California. John Q. Citizen is under siege and they don’t know it. If it were not for the lavish spending and criminal activity of governors prior to Governator Arnold California would not be broke in the first place. It’s the citizens of California who must pay the ultimate price. But who is paying attention anyway?


The cost of operations at farms nationally have sky rocketed because of the rise of fuel. According to one official the price of operations rose dramatically from several hundred thousand dollars a month for fuel to the millions. They will no longer be able to hold the price of carrots or lettuce down. They can’t operate for free and they are close to the red now. Dare I mention the millions of acres of crops destroyed by flooding in the Mid-West?


Knowing what we do about Enrons convincing of Congress to deregulate and form this Enron Loophole you’d think it would be a no brainer to simply seal up this loophole that gave way to speculation and the artificial rise of fuel. Sadly Congress is waffling about with hearings and the like. I venture to say they are heavily invested and profiteering from this Enron/Hedge Fund Loophole and don’t want to upset the ox cart. After all speculators are revving up their motors to assault the price of food. It’s all about the money Paisan.


Since both presidential candidates are backed by corporate interests I doubt there will be any relief in sight for many years to come. Now that corporate interests have entered the “Green Market” we are in for a real joy ride. We will get double talk and eloquent speeches but the bottom line will be their actual objective. Soon we will be the North American Union and the currency will be the Amero. The Constitution of the United States of America will be nothing more than a relic of a once proud nation. Civil liberties will give way to some greater good dictated by corporate run politicians and governments at large. The world has been taken over by a cancer called corporatism like the thieves in the night and we are asleep at the wheel.


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