Monday, July 14, 2008

Buffalohair The Bounty of Cyclone Nargis

The Bounty of Cyclone Nargis

If you lived in one of the many areas that did not receive aid, starvation and thirst would have been a major issue. Though it was once thought unsafe to eat, fish and other sea life, they have been declared fit for human consumption according to Junta health officials.

Months after the cyclone devastated this region human bodies as well as live stock littered the streets, trees and waterways. Forbidden by junta authorities to clean up or face arrest, the lifeless human forms have become targets for hungry villagers seeking out fat juicy crabs who've dined on their fellow countrymen. Others have taken to eating the rotted flesh of cattle and other forms of animal life that has baked in the tropical sun.

It would appear General Than Shwe had a plan for these survivors all along. Human and animal remains have become vital members of the food chain. Waterways have become a nutritious stew of fetid water tainted with decomposed flesh. With thousands of human bodies fattening up the fish, crab and prawns the delta is bountiful indeed. Add the wonderfully diverse selection of dead rotted animals and you have a meal fit for a king provided the king reigns in the bowels of hell.

UN emissary Gambari will undoubtedly make another cameo appearance in Burma and dine in opulence then report that all is not well for the survivors. He will report the need for more money to feed these victims even though Than Shwe has disallowed any assistance to them from the onset. The UN will get more money, line Than Shwe's coffers and fill his warehouses with potential black market commodities. As for the true victims, they will feast on the morbid carnage left behind by Cyclone Nargis. Bon Appetite'.

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