Thursday, July 24, 2008

Do your Children have to deal with school Bullies?

In Japan it is a real big problem! Is it bigger then in the US?

The first thing I think of as adult bullies or religion  bullies was the Boarding Schools for our own NDN children at that time. The adults are still in tears as they tell their stories.

 But do we still have that problem out in Public Schools for our Nations people today?

 I can see where it is so good to have our own schools! But are the parents teaching what they went through, to their own children?

What creates a bully in the first place?

Many children engage in bullying everyday. Although each child is different, those who bully other young people do share some common characteristics. Here are some things to look for:

Common Characteristics of Children Who Bully

  • Impulsive, hot-headed, dominant;
  • Easily frustrated;
  • Lack empathy;
  • Have difficulty following rules; and
  • View violence in a positive way.
  • Boys who bully tend to be physically stronger than other children.

There is no single cause of bullying among children. A host of different factors can place a child at risk for bullying his or her peers. However, it has been found that children who bully are more likely than their non-bullying peers to come from homes with certain characteristics.

Family Risk Factors for Bullying

  • A lack of warmth and involvement on the part of parents;
  • Overly permissive parenting (including a lack of limits for children's behavior)
  • A lack of supervision by parents;
  • Harsh, physical discipline; and
  • Bullying incidences at home.
Bullying and Other Violent and/or Antisocial Behaviors

Research shows that bullying can be a sign of other serious antisocial and/or violent behavior. Children who frequently bully their peers are more likely than others to Get into frequent fights;

As you can see at end of the last video, there is a person  or group in Japan now, who are trying to stop the Bullying.

Here are some of the older children guessing at what may cause a bully and what they do.
Speak Out: Japanese School Bullies

What creates a bully in the first place?

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