Friday, July 25, 2008

Buffalohair Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes


With all the hoopla about salmonella in our food these days. I just thought I'd bring up a point we might digest. Ever hear the term, secondary effluence? In short its Ka Ka water that is partially purified. That means it is still gray or sewage water. This water has been used for irrigating as well as lawn water in both farming communities and municipalities for quite some time now. Fact is, it's being widely used on a world wide scale these days. After all, it's cheaper than clean water and a boon to the corporate bottom line.. So I would think twice before running through the sprinklers at the park on a hot summers day.


With the sudden rise of butt born pathogens attacking our food supply you'd think one of these bone head politicians would address this universal source of disease, secondary effluence. But since the use of this butt water is more cost efficient than purified water I doubt anything will be said about its use in our food chain. At best the FDA will draft guidelines as to how much human fecal matter is allowable in our food and drink.


Morphed veggies have gone on the market with little fanfare or concern. Imagine eating veggies that produce their own insecticides . Well there are various veggies that do just that these days. Just so you know, if you did not already forget, bees are still disappearing by the day world wide. And as we all know, bees are vital in food production. Albert Einstein once said;


If the bee disappeared off the face of the globe then man would have only 4 years of life left to live”


As we all know this dude Einstein was one smart cookie. Wish he was around to give us more insights on our genetically altered fruits and veggies though. As it is, there is a connection with the disappearance of bees and morphed plant life. Gads, corn that produces its own insecticide is a red flag for me in any event. Bacillus thuringiensis, a natural bug zapper, is now being produced in genetically engineered corn and other crops. Again, you'd think one of these mucky mucks in government would make this connection. Gads, no wonder bees are becoming extinct, these new “modified” plants are killing them. We will not be far behind I'll wager.


I can see it now, in some isolated farm in Yuma Arizona you'll find Tommy Tomato. With his new found consciousness do to DNA transferred from Ka Ka water he has become a political force. Ole Tommy might as well run for public office fore he is just as full of crap as his human counter parts. Since he will have the ability to produce his own poison he will be more like a superhero. Chances are he will pass legislation against Vegans and wage war on this group of herbivorous. Tommy Tomato will join the ranks of Adolf Hitler, Than Shwe and King George W. Bush as he kills his way into the hearts of plant eaters and truly becomes a “Killer Tomato”


Hmm, maybe I should check my Lithium levels.


Your Devil's Advocate


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