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Life Lessons: Humor of Buffalohair at NativeVue



Life Lessons
Because we like to laugh and cry and think
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Clearing the smoke filled sky’s over Miramar Naval Air Station near San Diego California. Two F-18 Hornets fully armed with GPS and laser guided bombs and missiles scrambled towards Barstow California.

Major Seymour Hair began his briefing to his wingman, Captain Delbert Pfoust on their mission. Through the roar of the jet engines and the crackle of the head piece he began his oratory.

“Del, it looks like another Renegade Robot again. Problem is, the Shuttle is supposed to land at Edwards Air Force Base in a few hours. We are to intercept a 1964 Skylark driven by some old women heading north on Interstate 15.”

Captain Pfoust responded,

“Sir, did I hear you correctly? We are to intercept a 1964 Skylark driven by some senior citizens?”

“That’s affirmative Captain, we are intercepting a 1964 Skylark filled with grandmothers and a renegade robot. At least it keeps us out of the smoke back in San Diego eh captain?” the major said.

“Yes sir, I was dreading the evacuation detail” the elated officer told the major as they flew through the sky.

“There it is captain, The Marine Corps Depot in Barstow and my guidance system also is detecting that Ann 235 Cyborg. I knew this experiment was going to go haywire though”

“Why is that sir?” queried the fighter pilot.

“Just think about it Del, the robot is designated Ann 235. They gave this thing a woman’s name. And sure enough, in this day and age there is no way a woman is going to do what a man tell them to do and apparently neither is this Ann thing-a-majig” quipped the major.

“Look, 7 o’clock, I see the Skylark” Hair said.

Their Hornets banked to the left to get a better look along Interstate 15.

Creativity is the byproduct of a fertile mind




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Shocked What you say? Rolling Eyes

Have you ever enjoyed a bowl of Spoon Sized Shreaded Wheat, drizzled with honey from your own bee hives and covered with ice cold milk from your own dairy animals?

Are there any other uses for Spoon Sized Shreaded Wheat?



In the meantime, in a research facility located at Goom Lake better know as Area 54. Scientist Glen Thinzipper was reviewing old research data from the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Hipparcos—the High Precision Parallax Collecting Satellite that was designed to map the stars.

As he reviewed the data he noticed something very strange. After a few calculations and calls to other space agencies he called his supervisor for some input.

“Umm, Bill I have something I want you to come down and take a look at something I found in one of the star maps we have here” said the perplexed physicist.

Bill his supervisor queried, “What is the commotion all about Glen”

Excitedly Glen responded, “Well it’s something I discovered in these maps we got from the European Space Agency. It shows an anomaly of some kind and the calculations show that this object is on a collision course for Earth”

The curious supervisor asked his colleague, “What is it, a meteor, or comet of some kind? Describe it to me…”

With a puzzled tone to his voice Glen said, “Well I don’t really know since I never saw anything like this. It’s square and has only one polar cap and it seems to have cannels that all run in the same direction. Fact is, it looks like Sugar Frosted Spoon Sized Shredded Wheat”

The dismayed supervisor retorted, “All rightie then, umm Glen? When was the last time you had a vacation?”

The saga continues................


Creativity is the byproduct of a fertile mind

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