Monday, October 22, 2007

[NativeVue] Buffalohair: Native Beatz, Hip Hop With a Real Message

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Recently I ran an article about hip hop and the messages that are told in the music. To some, Hip hop is nothing more than foolishness and street smack. Well, I beg to differ since after listening to hip hop groups, studying lyrics and talking with artists from all over the USA, Canada and the world over, I've grown to respect it. It truly is a window or glimpse of what is happening with our youth today. The singers are storytellers rapping about life, what they see, and other aspects of the human experience many of us would never even know exist. It can be raw, it can be rude and it can be vulgar, at least to some. But to me, it's a taste of reality and this article is about one such reality hip hop band called Native Beatz....Native Beatz, Hip Hop With a Real Message

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