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Don’t know if any of you are fans if this side walk commando Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman. I’m not since I already know too much about this puke from Denver as it is. Being a former bail bondsman and did my share of “collecting” in my day, I found his show quite annoying to say the least.

Imagine walking into a church and pissing on the Holy Cross thendisrespecting the preacher in front of his parish. Well that’s liken to what he did at a Pow Wow in Hawaii. I am making sure everyone has a chance to read this accounting of his lack luster performance in front of hundreds of Natives in Hawaii. And I will bet he thinks this would not get off the island. Well, power to the internet since I have the story here. And since I do not believe in re-inventing the wheel I am re-printing this story in it’s entirety and giving credit
to the author who originally broke this story. So now he's also a low life creep. Course I always thought he was anyway.

The only suggestion I would offer those who are as enraged about this punk of a person is to hit him in his pocket book. Contact A
E, the station his lame and foolish show airs. Let him know his ego cost him his job. To boycott or cast a negative light on anyone who airs his smack may cause the ones who sign his check to throw him in the rubbish where he belongs. Protest any sponsors who advertise when his show airs. Let them know this conduct is not acceptable and will not be tolerated by Native and non Native people here in the US and where else his stupid show airs. Hit Duane “Puppy” Chapman in his wallet.

Date: Oct 28, 2007 12:18 PM

Duane Chapman, aka "Dog the Bounty Hunter", recently made atestosterone-induced appearance at the Hawaii Pow Wow. He spoke highly  of his career, and mentioned his native ancestry. However, in the end, his actions brought shame to the sacred drum and anger to hundreds of local elders.

Red Warrior, a southern drummer, who hails from San Diego, was singing a song in honor for all Code Talkers (Native American War Veterans and non-
native veterans whom were honored by the military, in WWII) Then "The Dog's" youngest son picked up a drum stick and began uncontrollably beating the drum next to Red Warrior. The remainder of the honor-song was interrupted by the teen celebrity's mock drumming.

At the conclusion of the performance, Red Warrior asked "Whose kid was interrupting the song?" The Dog replied, "You don't talk to the boy, you talk to the man!...I am the Dog. Do you want a piece of the Dog?"

Shocked and appalled at the bounty hunters disrespect, the drummers looked at each other in disbelief. "The Dog" began to call on the drum's veteran singers to stand up and challenge him. Dog became furious and began to swear at the drummers. "Do you want some of the Dog?"

A drummer placed his drumstick onto the drum, approached The Dog and said "Yes, I will have a piece of the Dog,”

Outside of the arena, The Dog and the disgruntled drummer stood face to face. "Lets go to the side and take care of this like men.", as The Dog challenged the old indian

"No, we're going to take care of this in front of everybody. I'm not afraid of you." The veteran drummer spoke loud and clear.

The Dog persisted, "You're sitting with nothing but bitches here."

"How could you talk to your elders like that?"

The Dog barked, "As far as I'm concerned, they're nothing but pussies!"

The Dog walked off and challenged the drummer to "settle this like men."

The drummer replied, "We'll do this in front of everyone.". At which point Chapman’s harsh criticisms and vulgarities echoed throughout the parking lot.
The drummer was steadfast, "You're supposed to be a movie star, 'The Dog,' but you are nobody. You have brought shame to the drum."

Duane "The Dog" Chapman has disappointed and enraged the Native American community with his behavior, and insensitivity toward our fathers
& grandfathers. Behavior of this type may be tolerable onTV shows but will not be tolerated at any Native American Pow Wow.

I hope you are as pissed as I am. It is bad enough there is little respect for Indigenous cultures world wide. This is a total out rage. Like I said, we should send a message to all advertisers and A&
E letting them know, Dog has to go. And we the people have the power to alter his course in history and career. Don Imus paid the ultimate price for a similar transgression. So what’s good for the goose is good for the gander eh.


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